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Re: anger after stroke

Re: anger after stroke

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Posted by larry coldiron on July 21, 2000 at 10:38:40:

In Reply to: anger after stroke posted by mm on July 20, 2000 at 17:17:12:

: I had a stroke in Jan, at age 27. It is now July I just celebrated my six month strokeaverssary. I am at a stage where I am very mad that this has happened to me,. I am fortunate that I am OK physically, I have only a slight blind spot in my left eye Some days I just get very angry that this has happened. I ask why me? I'm not trying to be a pity case but it really does make me mad that I will always have to have this stroke thing follow me around. I'll always have to check that little box on a medical form __ have you or a family member ever suffered a stroke!! YES!!! It;s also hard that I have a new husband who is wonderful yet I am not myself anymore. I was married for only four months before the stroke happened. Some days I get very emotional sort of like a Jekyll and Hyde thing. I read that this happens to people who have had a stroke. Any truth to this? Oh well I just wanted to know if it is normal to have angry feelings and will they eventually subside. I guess one can only hope.

hi mm,
on November 2nd I'll celabrate my 8th strokeaverssary and yes still I get very angry over it I'm 49 now. what you are going through is only natural I think. recovery is a long process with many steps.i'm not sure whick phase you are in. it may be the angry stage or might even be the depression stage. in any case it's natural, you are lucky as far as lost abilities.most of us are left paralyzed on one side or the other in my case it's my left side. the grieving process goes on a very long time i'm still not done with that after almost 8 years but the recovery goes on I think forever. I'm much bett today than I was when I came out of my coma lasting 9 days but I'm not giving up hope for more coming back. it's great that you have a good support system that i'm hoping you do.
yes it's like jeckle and hyde at times and probably will stay that way for me the worst thing is i've got 2 wonderful grandsons both are 3 years old that want to play with pop-pop and it's hard to find a way for them to have fun with me i'm not able to pick them up or get on the floor to play but they sure can crawl up in my lap for me to hug them. and i've finaly found a way that i'm able to take them fishing thats going to happen on sunday. as i'm sure sam will attest to each day it's a chore to just get out of bed in the morning and face another day staring at a computer screen. I can't remember that much of his story but i read his post to you and he is trying to get back to work.
i'm lucky in that sence that my stroke was caused by an accident at work so i've been well compensated and no longer need or desire to find employment. my wife was also able to retire early at age 47. so we have a lot of time and recourses to travel or do whatever we like. i'm not sure if i can help you in any way but if you like or need to talk to someone thats been throu it all including about a year in the hostital off and on and another 3 years in rehab please feel free to write me at [email protected] i'll be glad to give you any assistance i'm able another forum you may be interested in is the tbi chat discussion board if you'd like to check it out just mail me and i'll send the link to you, you can get to me about ant time i'm usualy here most of the day as i've got nothing else to do.Larry Coldiron

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