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cerebellar aneurism

cerebellar aneurism

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Posted by Joe D. on July 30, 1999 at 05:38:15:

I turned 44 in April 1998...I was in good shape (not great) for my age for I was a hospital corpsman (US Navy Reserves)
with a Marine Corp unit. While vacationing in a remote island in the Philippines, I had a stroke. It happened on the afternoon of August 6, 1998 while I was
in a restaurant waiting for food i ordered. The symptoms were these: Profuse sweating, nausea, vomitting (which lasted for hours) loss of equilibrium, sudden ringing
in both ears, vertigo and loss of strength....I thought it was just food poisoning or the water (I just arrived from the US a week earlier). The same night I was brought
by the hotel staff to a small clinic upon my request...I spent the night at the clinic with all the symptoms present.The doctor on duty didn't have a clue what was wrong
with me. The next day, at 6 am I walked out of the clinic. I felt fine!!! I went back to the hotel and ordered a huge breakfast, which I propmtly vomitted after settling in
my stomach. For the next few days I walked around enjoying my stay in this island....I occasionally feel the nausea and vomitted a few trimes but that was it..On the night
of August 12th, all the symptoms I mentioned earlier started to bother me again, and this time, each of them were magnified...I decided to go back to the main island the next day
taking the ferry (the trip lasted 16 hours) and I slept restlessly the whole trip....In the morning of the 13th I felt fine!!! When I reached the main island I checked in at another hotel
thinking that i could rest the whole day and hoping that all the symptoms will be gone....The morning of the 14th, I got up of bed to go to the bathroom....Then I found out that I could not
get out of bed!! Everytime I try to stand up, I kept falling backwards! I tried to call the front desk but i could not see the telephone..It took me a great while to feel my way until I was able
to let the front desk know I needed help....I tried to put on my pants but i couldn't!!!!! I know right there and then that I should go to the nearest hospital and get some help....And all the while
I was still thinking it was food poisoning!!!! Maybe I had passed out because the next thing I knew was that I was lying down in the guerney of a hospital!!! Then I heard a female doctor
tell the morning crew that what symptoms I had were "classic symptoms" of a person who had a stroke!!!!! And she was holding my hand while she was addressing a group of student nurses, while
a nurse was starting an IV .....Then it dawned on me!!!! I HAD A STROKE A WEEK AGO!!!! I walked around for a week after I was hit by a cerebellar embolism!!!! I spent the next week in the ICU and another
3 weeks on the ward.....(stop)

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