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Re: Stroke Recovery Questions

Re: Stroke Recovery Questions

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Posted by Letty Mallard on September 23, 2000 at 21:57:54:

In Reply to: Re: Stroke Recovery Questions posted by gina on September 21, 2000 at 10:39:32:

: : : Hi Sue!
: : : My husband, age 54, suffered a stroke last June, so it's almost a year now. For at least 4 months after his stroke he couldn't identify correctly his illness. He kept saying to everyone that he had had a heart attack. Although no visible physical disability remained, he still has some memory problems. Worst are the names of friends and family and he also can't recount correctly facts as recent as yesterday.
: : : Another problem which has remained up until now, is that he can't read (although he can write!)
: : : It's coming back to him (slowly) though. Now he reads like a first grader in the first trimester of first grade. We hope that automatic reading will come back some day. He also has "anopsia" which is loss of part of his field of vision. As a result he's not allowed to drive, although, he thinks he's quite capable. Apparently he doesn't realize that something he can't see can be there.
: : : So you see, it's common to stroke victims not to realize their disabilities. It must be frustrating, I know. For me it is.
: : : I would please like to hear more from you.
: : : Have courage and patience.
: : : Alexandra
: ::::I am 48 and suffered mini strokes that were hard to explin to the doctors...I was often misdiagonsed and but on anti-depressants for about 4 years before losing the vision in my left eye.,,My eye doctor deternmined that it was not a retina problem and sent me for an MRI to rule out M.S.....there they found the aneurism that had been "spilling" blood. I am thankful to be alive , but cauion anyone who is having unexplained systoms of confusion and anxiety attachs or major depression see a good doctor...try hard to write down you'r problems when you go (we often forget to tell our doctor important information) be sure to explain the come and go behavior, and any headaches you may have....I had surgery in 1997 and feel grateful to be alive...altho I have a condition called hemi- anopsia (blind on the left side in both eyes)I am on much medicines...and sometimes still forgetfull.and confused I thank God that I am given this time with my family...It is frustrating and difficult at times and there are many small problems,but I embrace life and the simple joys , I once overlooked....May God bless you and you'r husband....things will improve over time and with many allowances made , just please remember to stop and spell the roses every now and wishes and may God give us wisdom to find and treat this , as well as the knowledge to cope ,in His strength ,through the hard times...
My husband suffered a brain hemmhorage on July l. He is currently receiving therapy. He is paralyzed on the left side and has short term memory problems as well as problems with his sight. I plan to bring him home in November. He is very determined to regain the use of his body although the doctors are not encouraging. I am concerned about how he will handle the continuing disability. Any answers?

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