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brain aneurism resulting stroke

brain aneurism resulting stroke

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Posted by Brian on September 26, 2000 at 17:40:45:

In 1994 my dad sneezed which resulted in a brain aneurism. He then went in for brain surgery to clamp the ruptured vessel, which resulted in a massive stroke. He lost movement in his right arm, right leg, his speech, and his periphial vision on his right side. The doctors gathered the family around the conferance table after the surgery, 4 brothers, his sister and an exwife. They said that he would pretty much be in a bed for the rest of his life. They displayed the cat-scan that compounded their statement with dead gray matter where his brain was once active. We listened to them, wondering if this was a common speech.
To know my dad is to know quitting is not an option. After 2 months of icu, he came aware again and went to physical therapy in maryland. And more physical therapy. He then went went back home to my brothers place. My brother was the best therapy of all. He made my dad do everything for himself. As cruel as it may sound, it was exactlyl what my dad needed.
In 1998 my dad moved out of my brothers place and bought a place of his own in mississippi. Self sufficient except transportation. Talking to my dad weekly he always displayed the positive. Sometimes through slurred speech, sometimes not, the message was always the same, always think positive, to think anything else is to give up. I will read again. I will Drive again. I will use my right arm again. I will walk normal again.
My dad today, sept, 2000, goes to the ymca 5 days a week to work on his physical therapy, he gets their in his own car, yes, he now drives, he has found the mere independence he has been searching for since that costly sneeze in 1994.
In summary, my dad has taught his able sons to focus on the positive, set a goal and use it for your inner strength. And to never let the negatives get you down.

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