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Re: Caregivers of Stroke Victims

Re: Caregivers of Stroke Victims

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Posted by Jill on October 04, 2000 at 17:20:44:

In Reply to: Re: Caregivers of Stroke Victims posted by larry coldiron on October 03, 2000 at 15:30:13:

: : Hello...My name is Cathie Voss...My husband had a stroke on 8/3/00 believed to be caused by high blood
: : pressure/blocked heart valve. He was also diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma on 7/2/99. He was in the hospita
: : for 2 weeks and in rehab from 8/16 to 9/21. He came
: : home unable to walk and incontinent. We are self-employed and our social printing store was closed for
: : six weeks. I am feeling extremely overwhelmed! And that's putting it mildly. His personality is different, he's depressed (and so am I) and is basically non-verbal. Does anyone have any suggestions? I feel he was released to soon. Also as
: : a caregiver I don't feel I had enough training before
: : he came home.
: : Hope to hear from you.
: : Cathie
: : San Dimas, California
: hello cathie,
: what you are feeling is understandable also for your husband,
: I myself suffered a massive stroke due to an accident at work back in november of 1992 it happened on the 2nd they kept me in the hospital until almost the end of december before sending me into rehab. then it was in february before starting to teach me to walk.
: by the way my stroke left me completely paralyzed on my left side. you've got to understand that his personality is going to be changed! august isn't that long ago and the depression can last for quite a while in my case I'll still get depressed at times. he has to have time to grieve his losses and there are losses heck part of his brain has died in my case it's half my brain.
: they released me from rehab in march of 1993. as har as training my wife there was no training given her but she was there as much as she could be during all my therapies watching and learning the best she could and has been my sole caregiver ever since my release, sure it's been hard but we've come a very long way in fact she was told i'd be nothing more than a vegetable that was if i lived at all well i'm now sitting here typing away to you with only one finger but hardly a vegetable.if there is anything i'm able to help you with or your husband you both are welcome to email me at [email protected] any time.
: looking forward to hearing from you or your husband. it's now a lifelong road to recovery and also a slow one to see the improvements that will surely come in time.
: thank you for reading this and write if you like. my goal is to help if i'm able.
: Larry Coldiron

Dear Cathie, I too had a stroke - 4 years ago, and ironically, I happen to be a brain scientist! The most important thing I needed from my caregivers was their support and love. The job you have been given can feel overwhelming! Of course you were never trained for this. Keep your faith that a complete recovery is possible. Be soft and kind with every exchange and honor the healing power of sleep. He must grieve, as must you, the loss of whom he was before this stroke - and honor and encourage him to figure out what he is like now. All you can do is provide him with love and courage and trust that he will do his piece to recover. You are a kind and generous spirit, good luck to you, Jill

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