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Re: Stroke and VIOXX

Re: Stroke and VIOXX

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Posted by PD on October 17, 2000 at 16:51:20:

In Reply to: Re: Stroke and VIOXX posted by pjskeepers on June 13, 2000 at 23:31:31:

My stroke has gotten better... I can type reasonably well now.
I was prescribed VIOXX in January 2000
I had just gone to a rheumatologist and she was helping me to deal with pain that lingered after a shoulder operation. I took it at 25mg per day (not prescribed that way but the Dr said go ahead) and got great relief.
On February 26, 2000 I had an MRI relating to the neck and shoulder ... (I needed neck surgery; the orthos had not diagnosed the whole problem.)
On March 1, 2000 I awoke with the stroke.
I was 49 years old. The doctor at the emergency room told me he "didn't see this type of stroke except in the elderly" and that giving me TPA "would have killed me".
(I didn't check into emergency for four days because I didn't have any paralysis; just the "not talking" thing ... and I was too scared. I thought if I just stopped all the medication the symptoms would go away)

Initially I was told I had had a brain bleed.
Indeed, the chief of neurology at the Kaiser Permanente in Northern Virginia came into my room and said "You've had a bit of a bleed in your brain".
Then the next day she said I'd had a clot.... her explanation being that "the guy in the CAT scan room didn't know how to read the films" (???and *why* is this????) Didn't she check the films herself before telling me I'd had a brain bleed?
She stuck to the clot theory, though my echo cardiogram showed no abnormalities and likewise the carotid artery studies. Though I had high cholesterol I also had low blood pressure. Where did this clot come from?
Oddly enough, at my next MRI (of the stroke this time) I asked the person who did it if it was a clot or a bleed. She said without hesitation, "A bleed."
Later, I was told I could not take the word of an MRI technician. (Like they don't know what they're looking at? They're the ones who translate it for the doctors?)

I am wondering how I can get a retro second opinion. My finances have been trashed by the stroke. I would like to see what someone out of the Kaiser loop has to say about all of this, but I can't afford it. I guess I'm trapped, somewhat.

The only thing I did different in the last month before the stroke was to take vioxx.
The only thing I have been doing ever since is recovering from the stroke.

How did your friend fare? Is he/she going to recover? Did you get any answers?

All the best,


: : I had a stroke and am wondering if it had anyhting to do with the VIOXX
: : and percocet I was taking for the pain I had in my left shoulder (surgery in OCT)

: : I am left with aphasia and difficulty writing, short term memory problems,
: : and other such problems. There is no paralysis, which is good , and to look at me you would not know
: : unless i open my mouth, and it happens that you knew me :"when" :)
: : I am a professional carver and do not know whether that will come back.

: : I am told it will all come back but have to wonder what
: : caused this? They originally said it was a "bleeder" stroke,
: : but now they have changed to a "clot" theory.
: : Why is this? and is it significant?
: : I am very cofused by all this and fearful it will come back.

: HI,
: My husband (47 years old) had knee and minor hip surgery, the DR had him on Vioxx and percocet too. He was a type II diabetic also. He passed away sudddenly on May 3rd from a massive pulmonary embolism. The FDA is now taking a second look at Vioxx due to recent deaths. I do not have all the inof as I am still seraching it out myself. I know I would never take this drug or want anyone else I cared about to take it. I pray you do not suffer from any further problems and will be able to make a recovery soon.

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