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Re: Mini Stroke victim

Re: Mini Stroke victim

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Posted by Titanic Ted on October 17, 2000 at 21:33:51:

In Reply to: Mini Stroke victim posted by Frank M on October 16, 2000 at 02:37:49:

: I am 57 years old with high cholesterol level (283)and with controlled high blood pressure I was admitted and confined in the hospital for 5 days, my symptoms the first day was nausea & vomiting. The 2nd day in the hospital I complained about my left half of my body being numbed from head to toe. They did an ultrasound of my carotid arteries and a CT scan of my brain, the results were negative. The 3rd day I complained not only of my numbness but the tightness of my muscles, my rib cage and my shoulder as if someone put a tight band around it. They ordered an MRI of my brain, brain stem and spinal column the results was also negative. They think it has something to do with some anomaly on section of my vertebrae. I went for a second opinion from another neurologist, I passed the same standard test I was given, touch, strength, sensation, visual, what is today's date, who is our president,etc. The 2nd neurolgist ruled out the spine theory, he said if it was my spine the numbness should be from the neck down and will not include my left half of my face and head. This neurolgist told me he found three grey spots on the right side of my brain (I brought with me all my films) which affected my left side. I do not have any pain just discomfort of numbness and sensation of restriction (as if swolen, but it is not) for parts of my body when used, e.g. walking, activities using my arm and or legs. My prognosis is, it might go away in time or it may not. No physical therapy was recommended, just take care of my risk factors, lower cholesterol and blood pressure. I would like to hear from someone similar to my case.
: Thanks
I'm 48 and had a stroke about 6 weeks ago. It left nerve damage on the left side. My leg and arm numb and tingle and my left arm feels heavy at times. The numbness and heavyness gets worse if I walk alot or get overtired. My Neuroligist informed me last week that the damage is permanent
Monday (Oct 23) I go in for some surgery on my prostate. My urologiest says I have prostate stones which has caused a bactrial infection and blockage of the urine which added to my already high blood pressure and caused the stroke. It's fun getting older is't it. Hope you get feeling better. I know what your going through.


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