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My story

My story

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Posted by Gary on December 06, 2000 at 09:15:58:

: When I was 32 I had a full right side paralasys stroke. It lasted from Monday morning till Thursday when I was able to wiggle my toes. By Saturday morning I was walking again unassisted and was released Saturday evening late. The Neurologist didn't know specifically, but recommended I quit smoking and start talking two asprin daily. I did and went on for 10 years without any reoccurance.

When I was 43 I had a much milder stroke which impaired my speech to a small degree. After countless tests and a brain biopsy, again no specific cause but recommended I quit drinking, so I did. I recovered fully.

Eighteen months later I had a third stroke which left me with some permanent disability of my left leg, foot and loss of some dexterity in my left hand. After several months of physical therapy I am able to walk almost normally, can type but not like I used to . I can run but not normally. Needless to say I changed Neurologists and was promptly tested for MS. ( negative) This new (younger, right out of residency Neurologist) put me on (now get this) Stress Tabs vitamin. His opinion is I was not getting enough Folic Acid from my diet. It seems Folic Acid helps control an amino acid found in the body which moderates the way the blood makes and breaks clots. I also am on a life time script of 250mg of Ticlid twice a day and one asprin once a day.

It has been three years now since my last stroke and although I never did go back to smoking or drinking hard liquor, I do have a beer or even a few if and when I feel like it.

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