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Depression after stroke

Depression after stroke

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Posted by Morgana on December 14, 2000 at 10:05:24:

Hi, this is my first post to this board so I hope I get it right.

My father in law had his first stroke in early Sept, three more followed in the next couple of weeks, along with seizure activity. He is doing very well physically, but there is damage to the frontal lobe - thus he has experienced some changes to his personality.

Dad was doing very well until recently with relearning many of the day to day things that he used to love doing and joined a local day activities group which he looks forward to attending. This really helped boost his spirits and seemed to reduce the impact of the depression. However, in the last week he has become obssessed with dying.

He seems to focus on this topic with his wife - I can ask how he is and he will tell me he is wonderful and sing a song for me (always his way of showing his affection)and minutes later he will be crying and muttering to his wife about dying and why now so close to Christmas - if I speak to him again he swings straight to positive. He seems to have been playing her for a while on a number of issues, and this one is really taking its toll.

He is now on antidepressants, which have not taken affect on his system yet. He refuses to sleep now incase he dies and stomps through the house demanding attention. He convinced himself last night that his time was up and he seemed to will himself to stop breathing - it took a lot of shaking and yelling from his wife to bring him out of the state. She is exhausted as she has not slept much at all in the last week and I would like to know if there are any hints for helping her manage his behaviour right now?

Mum has followed the doctors instructions to increase the medication but surviving until it takes affect is her concern. She has tried being gentle yet firm and reassuring, taken him for a medical to prove that he is really quite healthy and finally snapped last night and got cross with him. He took it fairly well, but she is devastated that she lost her temper with him.

I know this is a long message and I thank you for bearing with me. I live 5 hours away from them so cannot be of practical help to her often - so am looking for information to pass on to her.

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