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Re: Nancy: Blown off by another doc. What are your thoughts?

Re: Nancy: Blown off by another doc. What are your thoughts?

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Posted by Nancy O on May 16, 2000 at 01:43:33:

In Reply to: Nancy: Blown off by another doc. What are your thoughts? posted by Teresa on May 15, 2000 at 22:21:58:

Boy, I tell ya, I would have a lot of trouble with a doctor that expressed that attitude with me; her paycheck comes from you!
I must re-iterate, if she is going by the reference range, "normal" isn't necessarily normal as you and I experience it. What tests did she do, what were the numbers?
What I'm surmising that you are saying is that your TSH was low along with your T4 being high. What was your Free T3? TSH level is relevant only insofar as it is a reflection of thyroid hormone levels. It is high thyroid or low thyroid that is harmful, NOT high or low TSH. The TSH is irrelevant if your T4 and T3 hormone levels are good.
I think it is highly likely that your T3 is low, that you are not converting the T4 to T3,and that is what is causing the return of your nodules. Your thyroid is in overdrive.
If you are premenopausal, and still have your equipment, the migraines could be from estrogen dominance [from a deficiency of progesterone]. Low thyroid can cause this. A high sugar diet can cause migraines also, the insulin high causes vasodilation. Sugar depletes magnesium, and I believe low mag. can also cause migraines.
As to whether or not you should get a new doctor; I think it is always best to have a doctor you can communicate with well.

: Saw my regular Internists today. Showed her the ultrasound from the new GP which shows nodules on both sides (one side multinodular). Since my labs are within "normal" range even though she had recently lowered my synthroid dosage due to low levels (hyper), and my T4 has climbed, she sees no reason to "do anything"! In fact she was upset that ANYONE had ordered the ultrasound. I was told that even though I have had to have two previous thyroid surgeries, that nodules are simply nothing to worry about if your blood levels are OK. She even had the nerve to ask me if I wanted to have a thyoid problem! I showed her a checklist of both hyper and hypo symptoms of which I had checked off 90% of each (like when I had round two of thyroid nodules) and she informed me that it simply could not be coming from thyroid. She feels that my problems are all due to migraine equivilents and panic attacks. When I told her that I had not taken any synthroid since Wed. in anticipation for the RAI test that this other doctor has ordered (the new GP) she hit the roof and told me NOT to go off my medication and NOW we can't do the proper lab re-check (which she did anyway). I am so sick and tired of being blown off especially be a doc who has seen you for several years. She did schedule an appointment for me with a new neuro and an endo which I am sure was done to simply shut me up. The appointment is 6 weeks away and all of these doctors are sort of in a group. I feel like I will be "branded" before I even go. I do know of one other endo who is not as convenient (30 miles) but she has me so shaken in confidence now that I am even wondering if she could possibly be right? My questios are
: 1) Do you simply not worry over nodules as long as your levels are "OK"? TSH, T4 and freeT3
: 2) Could this possibly ALL be migraine equivilents and not thyroid? I do have migraine and migraine eqivilents..but...
: 3) Do you think perhaps I AM simply getting blown off? (again)
: 4) Would you recommend seeking ALL new doctors?
: Any imput is greatly appreciated as always
: Thanks,
: Teresa

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