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Re: Bach, Angie (Can I Take OTC Drugs, 5/27) and Kim Fair (Considered Recovered, 5/1)

Re: Bach, Angie (Can I Take OTC Drugs, 5/27) and Kim Fair (Considered Recovered, 5/1)

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Posted by Susan on May 29, 2000 at 23:23:41:

In Reply to: Re: Bach, Angie (Can I Take OTC Drugs, 5/27) and Kim Fair (Considered Recovered, 5/1) posted by Thyring Again on May 28, 2000 at 10:39:08:

: Most importantly, my heart goes out to all my fellow thyroid sufferers who on a daily basis constantly batttle this insidious menacing illness (all forms of it). Second, this is a great message board forum, overflowing with worthwhile information regarding "real people in the trenches"; I hope it remains active. Thanks to Bach and Angie for their messages regarding OTC drugs. I have received "differences of opinion" from various disciplines of the medical profession: internists, endos, pharmacists--a vicious cycle where their answers lead to more questions. - which leads to my question - Re: Ms. Fair's post 5/1; Is a partial thyroidectomy patient who currently takes Levoxyl able to take OTC (cold medicines, etc)? Also, is a partial thyroidectomy patient (5% remaining) who is NOT on replacement therapy able to take OTC medicines with the "thyroid disease warning" able to take them without fear of side effects? Is a person treated with surgery for hyperthyroidism considered cured at any point? At age 21 I had a subtotal (5% left) thyroidectomy for hyperthyroidism (G.D.) Some symptoms were definitely hyper, some were not (wt). I took Synthroid following surgery, but had very adverse reactions to it and after discussing this with my endo, she decided I did not need the replacement as my TSH was in the normal range. I was relieved to be off Synthroid because of the reactions I was having but within a few years many other problems developed--a 70+ pound weight gain (this I did not need), dental problems (many failed root canals), numerous bouts with pneumonia, itching skin, serious gyne problems, etc. BUT my TSH is still in the normal range (3.6), -- according to every endo doc I have seen since (my first endo retired). Your suggestions and opinions would be appreciated.

I had a thyroidectomy. No thyroid gland left. I will be on syntroid for the rest of my life. I have heard with partial thyroidectomies that you can go back to "normal" But what is normal for you? That is the biggest question we all have. Have you and your Dr discused natrual thyroid? Armour(brand name)I am not sure if this would cause an alergy or not? As far as OTC I use Tylenol, Advil and on occations decongestiants, dimeatap or clortyminton(sp) I have not noticed any reactions and my Dr has not said not to take OTC. I have asked. I also double check with the phamacist. who, sometimes can be more knowledgable than Dr.s Just my experiance, hope it helps.

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