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Re: What is a "normal" TSH if I have no thyroid gland?

Re: What is a "normal" TSH if I have no thyroid gland?

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Posted by Susan on June 06, 2000 at 22:38:19:

In Reply to: What is a "normal" TSH if I have no thyroid gland? posted by Jude on June 06, 2000 at 21:45:32:

: My TSH was .01 and I felt FINE. I took .175 mcg Synthroid from 1986 (when my thyroid was removed because of thyroid cancer--I was 28 years old) to Feb. of this year when my new doc said she wanted to raise my TSH to a "normal" level, between .4 and 5.5. So she put me on .150 mcg of Synthroid and that wasn't so bad, but my TSH rose just to .03, which she says is still too low. So now I've been on .125 mcg Synthroid for 2 weeks and I feel AWFUL. I have horrible headaches and I'm disoriented and tired and I feel a "thickness" or lump in my neck where my thyroid used to be. When I asked the doc why my TSH was so low when I was at the higher dosages, yet I felt fine then, she said I was just used to feeling the way I did because I had felt like that for years and so believed it was "normal," when in fact, I was hyperthyroid. She says my body needs to get used to operating at a "normal" TSH level. So she's going to keep reducing my dosage till I get to that magical .4 TSH--at which point I'll probably be in a coma! She hasn't measured T3 or T4 or anything else, since, she says, there's no point, as I don't have a thyroid.
: I'm not as well-educated about all this as I need to be, I now realize, but for years I felt fine. I had blood tests every 5 years and the docs said my levels were fine. I run marathons, ride my bike 14 miles a day for my commute, and am otherwise in excellent shape--or was--till my new doctor started fiddling with my Synthroid dosage. (I changed jobs and my health plan changed, so I had to get a new doc through another HMO plan.)

: Is there another TSH range for people without thyroid glands? Or is that a crazy question? Why, when my TSH was so low (at .01) did I feel fine? What's going on?

Not a crazy question at all. I had my thyroid removed 5 years ago. I have had 2 children since. So my thyroid has gone up and down quite a bit. The ranges are the same in all cases. You should insist on a free T4 with your TSH. TSH doesn't show the whole picture. I have both done every test and it reflects wheather I have too much or too little synthroid. There is an article on about the TSH level being better around 1-2 than towards the 5.5 level take a look. Your body does get use to the high levels however it can be dangerous to keep it that high. A good site fo a general overview is that along with and you can access quite a bit of information.

I will take several weeks for the new levels to saturate your body. My Dr like to give it 7 weeks between tests. I wish you the best and keep us posted.

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