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Re: overwgt, hypothyroid on 150 mcg/per day... what kind of diet, what kind of diet pills?

Re: overwgt, hypothyroid on 150 mcg/per day... what kind of diet, what kind of diet pills?

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Posted by Tina on July 29, 2000 at 10:37:42:

In Reply to: Re: overwgt, hypothyroid on 150 mcg/per day... what kind of diet, what kind of diet pills? posted by Susan on July 27, 2000 at 23:19:36:

I agree whole heartedly with Susan and Tree Frog.

Another thing you may want to concider is trying a different Thyroid medication.
Some people do better with an addition of Cytomel (T3), or switching to a T4/T3
synthetic like Thyrolar. I have had the most improvement by switching to a natural
thyroid (Armour) that contains all thyroid hormones (T4,T3,T2, and T1). You could ask
your Doc to do a Free T3 test to see if you are converting the T4 to T3. If your T3 is in the
low portion of the range you probably could benefit from any of the above.

Since switching to Armour I have had complete relief from muscle pain and weakness
making it possible to get the exercise I need to start loosing the weight. I know it won't
work for everyone but it has been what I needed. I've only been on it for around 7 weeks
and had a weight loss of 5 lbs in the first week but none since. It was probably a much
need fluid loss that first week, so I'm not saying that it will cause weight loss, just make it
possible to lose by healing your oxygen starved muscles and give you the energy to lose
the weight in a natural way (burning it) rather than using diet pills.

I tried adding Cytomel first and it did relieve much of the muscle problems but within a week
I had bad side affects from it but many people do not get these side affects. So..if you try one
of the T3 or combo drugs and it doesn't work or you get side affects, don't give up just try another

Best of Luck,

: : I never seem to be able to lose any wgt. I am 5' 7" and 226. I feel so bad , my bones hurt. I am an RN and I work night , have a hard time when to take meds. My regular MD just does't have time to listen to all of this, can you advise , please.

: I can only tell you what I have done. As far as taking my pill I do it first thing before I take a shower and brush my teeth. I keep them in a pill box that has compartments for each day. Find a time in you day that is always the same and place your pills where you can see them.

: If your Dr doesn't listen maybe you need to write down all your questions and don't let him/her go until they are answered. Or maybe you need a different physician.

: Diets are a short fix. Good eating habits and exercise are the only way I know to loose weight. Your in a good position to ask a dietition/nutitionist what to eat and what to skip. The big question is have you always been big or has this been a thyroid issue. Sorry to have you ask this but as you know some people tend to be a bit larger than the recomended weights but are fit and healthy.

: From what I have heard if you have a good diet and good exercise program and still cannot loose weight consult your Dr on other soultions such as persciption meds or staples. One other thought is your thyroid may be to low. You may want to be tested if you cannot loose weight with a good diet/exercise.

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