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Hyperthyroidism with mostly hypo symptoms?

Hyperthyroidism with mostly hypo symptoms?

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Posted by Samantha on July 31, 2000 at 15:34:44:

I am a 24 year old student and have experienced a lot of fatigue for about 3 to 4 years, which I assumed was stress related. For the past 6 months things have really escalated. I suddenly find myself with severe acne and abnormal hair growth, accompanied by thinning hair on my head. I am so exhausted and winded that I almost pass out by walking up a flight of stairs. I thought that exhaustion was mostly a symptom of hypothyroidism, but I was recently tested and my TSH came back at 0.01. A second draw revealed moderately elevated T4 levels and a third draw showed an elevated sedimentation rate. My life is completely on hold at this point, but I think my Dr doesn't believe my symptoms are as bad as I say because my levels are only slightly elevated (although my TSH seems very low). I can not function at all. I used to ride my horses daily, but have not even been able to go to the barn for several weeks. I tried to ride this past Saturday, but ended up passing out. I sleep all the time and get these extreme 'hot flashes'. I am slim, but my appetite is out of control and I eat 6000 - 8000 calories per day with no weight fluctuation. I also have tremors, and last week had an episode where I became disoriented and all I could hear was my heart pounding in my ears. I got to the bedroom and could only lay there. I could not move. The phone was right next to me and I was scared to the point of calling 911 but I couldn't move a muscle! The episode lasted for about half an hour, after which I was exhausted. My heart rate has always been about 65 while resting but is now 80. This is still low but it's high for me. However my blood pressure has not changed at 80 over 50. I also am having extreme memory loss. I am forgetting things almost as soon as I hear or read them. I am also suddenly victim to 'spoonerisms'- transposing words while speaking. I also think that I'm suddenly dyslexic and am having difficulty reading. I have always been an avid reader and good student so this is very worrying for me. My doctor has not yet given me a diagnosis except that I may have some kind of low grade hyperthyroidism and he has not offered any suggestions towards treatment. His nurse contacted me this morning to say that he ordered another test, but I won't know exactly what it is untill I go in later today. He wants to take another thyroid panel in one month, just to monitor me to see what happens. I am supposed to go back to school in a little more than two weeks, but I know I will be unable to. I rarely have the energy to leave the house at all, and when I do I feel as if I'm going to have a heat stroke or pass out! Sorry for rambling but I feel as if no one will listen to me. I guess my main concerns are:
-Why am I am I absurdly exhausted if fatigue is supposed to be a symptom of hypothyroidism?
-Why am I having extreme memory loss and symptoms of dyslexia?
-Why did I seem to be paralyzed for a short time?
-Why is my Dr not taking the symptoms that have effectively shut down my life seriously? And why has he not given my a diagnosis? Are there really no treatment options for whatever is wrong with me?
By the way, I don't believe that I am overly anxious about things or that I have a panic disorder, but I have gone through several extremely traumatic situations over the past four years. Could extreme stress contribute to my physical symptoms?
I will appreciate any info I can get.

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