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Re: Hashimoto's and hives Thanks Tina & Gail D.

Re: Hashimoto's and hives Thanks Tina & Gail D.

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Posted by Gail D. on July 31, 2000 at 18:05:08:

In Reply to: Re: Hashimoto's and hives Thanks Tina & Gail D. posted by LC on July 31, 2000 at 15:36:11:

: : : : Hi! I'm new to the message board and have found it very helpful.
: : : : I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's 2 years ago. I had gone to an
: : : : allergist to try and find out why I kept getting hives and itching.
: : : : He orderd bloodwork and found out I had Hashimoto's. Since then I've
: : : : gone to my GP and an endo for tests (ultrasound, radioacbive uptake and scan). All levels are normal, no
: : : : nodules to speak of (very, very tiny) but the hives haven't gone
: : : : away. I've been taking Zyrtec to keep the hives in check. In the
: : : : past 6-8 months I've gained 7 lbs. despite going to the gym and
: : : : taking various classes AND weight training. I have been working
: : : : out for about 20 years or so and this is the first time that the
: : : : weight isn't budging. Just recently I started seeing a nutritionist
: : : : who is familiar with Hashimoto's. Basically I'm eating lots of fresh
: : : : fruits and veggies and moderate amounts of protein. I don't eat any
: : : : "heavy" starches, just stick with pita bread, angel hair pasta, etc.
: : : : I've only lost about a pound so far. Very frustrating! The nutritionist
: : : : told me that with Hashimoto's it's like taking 3 steps forward and 1 step
: : : : back. My main concerns are the weight gain and the fact that my thyroid
: : : : eventually will become underactive. Also the hives. I would appreciate
: : : : any and all advice I can get. Does anyone else have this problem with
: : : : hives and itching? Thanks so much! LC

: : : Are you on thyroid medication? If you are it could be that. If you're not, then maybe its the antibodies attacking your thyroid, the TSH test should tell you. When my TSH is down my skin problems are lessened, when it goes up TSH, skin problems return. Yes on hives, and other skin problems. Dermatologist won't know, he or she is just treating what's in "his face" not the underlying causes. Check the TSH.

: : Yes, get that TSH test! I just want to add that your test may indicate your TSH or any other Thyroid test as being in the so called "normal" level but this Normal level is under seriouse debate now. The lastest information is pointing to a TSH of between 1 to 2 being the best level, so find out what your levels were when they first ran the test and have new ones run. It's important to know what they were and to keep tract of how you feel at each level, then you can tell at what level "you" feel best at!
: : Aways get copies of all your tests! If they ran a Free T3 test and you are on the low side of normal you can probably benefit from the addition of a T3 or natural thyroid drug. Good Luck, Tina

: Thanks for the info. I'm not yet on Synthroid but I did take it for a couple of months because of a case study my allergist came across that was done on Hashimoto
: patients who were getting hives. Apparently some of the patients' hives disappeared when they took Synthroid. Unfortunately, mine
: didn't. I'll post a new message after the dr. visit. Thanks again! LC

Let us know how you make out. I have a stress test next week and my endo. wants me to wait to switch to the diff. drug after that. You'd think they were prescribing gold, I've been literally begging for the natural product for months. So next Wed. she and I will tango to a different beat and get me the Armour or Thyrolar. My dr. was "satisfied" at TSH of 4, and I told her I"M NOT!
Keep us posted. Skin problems common, hate to tell you.
Gail D.

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