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Re: Thanks again for your help Tina

Re: Thanks again for your help Tina

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Posted by Tina on August 01, 2000 at 15:14:44:

In Reply to: Thanks again for your help Tina posted by Kathy on August 01, 2000 at 12:15:08:

: : : : : My dad suddenly became depressed for the first time in his life and was unable to handle his job and things he had previously managed easily. (He was a school administrator) He became very emotional and cryed a lot which he never previously did, ever! He said he had unbearable anxiety and moved out on my mom! For the past 30 years, our family had been the focus of his whole life. He was an extremely loving and protective dad and husband. He hated to be away from any of us. None of us could understand what was happening. He said he had been getting chest pains and almost passed out one day. He feared he was going to have a major heart attack or stroke. He had been on blood pressure medicine but started getting headaches. The doctor began prescribing new medications for blood pressure. Then we discovered that he was cheating on my mom with another woman! This was very out of character for my dad especially since this woman had a reputation of manipulating men to get money. My dad normally could not have been fooled by someone like that! He just didn't seem to be thinking straight. He also complained a lot about his eyes. After five months of this misery, I began to notice he was short of breath, his hand writing was very shaky, and he had lost about 80 pounds. His muscles seemed to be wasting away! Still both my dad and all of us thought it was a mid-life crisis and depression. We encouraged him to seek out counseling. His job and whole life was falling apart! Then he had a heart attack and passed away at age 52. A few days before the heart attack his voice was strange...very, very low. We still don't know what caused all this. Many of his symptoms over those six months seem to resemble hyperthyroidism. Does anyone with more experience in thyroid problems think this could have been what was wrong with my dad? I would sincerely appreciate any opinions. It's unbearable losing a loved one and not even knowing what happened!

: : : :
: : : : Yes, it sounds like he "could" have had an overactive thyroid. Weight loss, wasting of muscles, enlarged heart, congestive heart failure,depression and mood swings, headaches, vision problem, and something we refer to as "brain fog" which makes it hard for us to think in an organized manner and often forget even simple things. Many of the symptoms of Hyper and Hypo overlap but "generally" the weight loss is indicative of Hyperthyroid..

: : : : Are there any other family members with thyroid problem? That will increase the chances of it being hyperthyroid.

: : : : Unfortunetly Doctors don't always make the connection! I was in the hospital for an enlarge heart and congestive heart failure and argued with the cardiologist about undergoing an angiogram and it was only because I insisted (screamed actually) that the cardiologist took the time to review my records and saw the connection! Then sent in an Endo to confirm.
: : : : I have talked to many others that have had similar and worse experiences with the Doctors not recognizing the thyroid as the culprit. I think it may be even worse for a man to get a correct dx because they still think of it as a "womans disease" and are much less likely to test a man for it. I just reread all the symptoms that you listed and yes the voice is often affected, often I could not get mine high enough to be heard on the phone. And my handwritting became scribbled often having problems esp. with m's and n's, I couldn't stop making the humps so my n's became m's and the m's rolled on. This also is improving as my thryoid improves with proper medication so I know it was from the thyroid although I can't remember it ever being listed anywhere as a symptom.
: : : : I should state that I'm not in the medical profession so all I can do is relate what I've experience and have found out through my efforts to deal more affectively with this disease.

: : : : I'm so sorry for your loss and all that you and your family went through. {{{{{{Hugs}}}}} Tina

: : : Tina,
: : : Thank you so much for your response. It really helped. I now have some insight into what my dad may have been going through. I'm not sure if there is a history of thyroid problems on my dad's side of the family but I will find out. I hope all goes well with your battle with hyperthyroidism. It sounds like being well informed is the key to beating this disease. If only we had known as much about it as you do, maybe my dad would be here now. Thanks again for your help!
: : : Kathy

: : Hi Kathy,

: : I wanted to let you know that I pushed all my family and friends away before I knew what was happening to me, much like your father did. It's very scary and confusing when you don't know what is going on and yet you have a disease that affects every cell in your body. They are, just now, seeing how underdiagnosed and under treated thyroid disease is! Doctor's are often given just the breifest of training in it. I'm sure you've heard about Gale Denver's experience and problems of getting a proper diagnosis with it.
: : Now, I think, because of the internet there is renewed interest in it, thank goodness. If you are interested in reading a good book on thyroid disease, I can recommend "Living well with Hypothyroidism: What your Doctor doesn't tell you that you need to know" By Mary Shomon. Or "The Thyroid Solution" by Ridha Arem, M.D. Don't be fooled by Mary Shomons title, she does deal with hyperthroidism but because once hyperthyroidism is found we are made generally made hypothyroid by either Radio Active Iodine
: : (RAI) or surgery (I"m now hypo from RAI) but she explains every aspect of the disease (hyer and hypo) , gives a good check list of signs and symptoms for both and so much more. These books can expain much more than I can about the causes, affects and treatments than I can.. If your father did suffer from hyperthyroidism then it's best to now get as much information as you can so that you can see even very early signs of it for yourself and your family.

: : Best Wishes, Tina

: :Tina,
: Thanks for the leads on the books! I have been reading over other messages posted on this board and they have been very informative also. I'm pretty sure now that hyperthyroidism must of played a role in what happened with my dad. I read back over your first response and noticed you mentioned memory trouble as a symptom. After my dad passed away, I was looking through his laptop computer and noticed a bunch of web sites he had book marked on memory problems. I also remembered my mom complaining that my dad never seemed to remember what he had said last time he spoke to her. A conversation with him was very hard to follow. (Brain fog?) How he was managing to go to work and do his job at all, I can't imagine! People at his job told us "after" the heart attack that he had been acting very strange...that he would just start to tear up easily and would tell people things that were very personal. Again, very odd for my dad. They knew it was very weird for my dad to behave that way but no one said anything to us. He was living in his own apartment by this point so we didn't pick up on it. We were just trying to cope with the thought of him seeing this other woman and having moved out!

: My mom also has been taking synthroid for hypothyroidism for many years so I'm sure there is a strong genetic tendency towards it in our family for my brother and I. We just never knew about the symptoms of hyperthyroidism. At least now I can begin to forgive my dad for all the strange things he was doing like cheating on my mom and moving out. I always sensed he was just confused and didn't really understand himself why he was doing these things. He knew he was hurting all of us terribally but he just couldn't seem to stop! One of the last things my dad said to me was that he feared he would have a fatal heart attack before he had a chance to make sense of all that he had done. That is exactly what ended up happening! Thank you so much for helping us to make sense of it all.
: Kathy


I'm so very happy if I've help in anyway. To hear that you can now start the forgiveness process, warms my old heart!
If there is anything you ever want to ask me, feel free to email me at [email protected]

All my very best to wishes go out to you and your family,

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