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Re: Fourth test in a month, elevated levels and physical symptoms-no diagnosis/treatmen.

Re: Fourth test in a month, elevated levels and physical symptoms-no diagnosis/treatmen.

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Posted by Tina on August 01, 2000 at 17:46:10:

In Reply to: Fourth test in a month, elevated levels and physical symptoms-no diagnosis/treatmen. posted by Samantha on July 31, 2000 at 20:43:24:

: I was back at the clinic today for a fourth draw to run another test. The results of my first three tests are:
: First test: TSH = .02

: Second test: TSH = .01
: T3 Uptake = 37.0
: Thyroxin = 12
: Thryoxin index = 4.5

: Third test: Sedimentation rate elevated - Dr wouldn't give me numbers.

: Fourth test: This morning a nurse from the clinic called and said the Dr had ordered another test. When I got there this afternoon I was informed that he ordered a thyroid peroxidase test. When I got home I checked around and discovered this test is sometimes useful for diagnosing hypothyroidism, but is present in very few patients with hyperthyroidism. Since the other tests point towards hyper, why did he order this test? When I asked the nurse what this test would show this afternoon, she told me that it would tell the Dr for sure whether or not I had some kind of thyroiditis. Can someone please verify this for me? I'm a little confused about this one.
: I have asked for a referral to an endo, but I haven't gotten one, nor have I gotten any suggestions as to what might be wrong with me from the Dr. I had to be a little pushy with him (ie: insist that my symptoms are very real!) and he finally gave me beta blockers, but I don't understand why. I'm already exhausted and my blood pressure is only 80 over 50. My pharmacist suggested that if I did decide to take them, that I should moniter my blood pressure. The earliest I could get in to the endo without a referral would be Sep 29, but I start school Aug 17 and am afraid that I will still be very exhausted and mentally foggy. My Dr is making me feel like a hypocondriac, but I'm not. I have tried to ignore a ruptured appendix, and at one point spent days ignoring meningitis! I typically have a high pain thresh hold and don't go to the Dr every time I sneeze. I have spent my life being careful not to 'overuse' doctors for fear that they would dismiss my symptoms, as happens so often with women. When my appendix ruptured after weeks of pain, I had to go to the ER. For five hours I was told I had cramps and needed to go home. Finally I became delirious and emergency surgery was performed, followed by a weeks stay in hospital with peritonits. Why have I never been believed by a single Dr? How can I find one that will listen? I feel like my symptoms are definitely getting worse. Please read my previous post "Hyperthyroidism with hypo symptoms" and help me out.

Hi Samatha,

In another message on this thread I put a link for you to find a Top Doc, hopefully there will be someone in your area there already.
You are hyperthyroid! Here's a link to see the "typical" normal ranges for your tests.
It is a good idea to start those beta blockers now as an over active thyroid can cause your heart to enlarge and end up with congestive heart failure!
So your Doctor is doing the right thing by getting you on them while he runs tests to find out what is causing your thyroid to overproduce.
When your thryoid produces too much homone it puts your body into high gear, using up all the calories that you can shove into it and you can still end up
malnourished. At the same time it's attacking your muscles and depleting them that's why you feel worn out, weak, and tired while your heart is racing.
I found that sometimes it would help to breath into a bag, like you do for hyperventilation. It would calm me down enough to deal with a paticular situation.
I guess that's because it can replenish some of the oyxgen that you are using up so fast when hyperT.

Has he done an Ultrasound or Radio Active Iodine Uptake yet? If you can, sometimes it helps to bring a strong assertive relative or friend along when the Doctor is not answering
your question or being dismissive with you. They are always on good behavior when there is a witness present! ;-)

Let me know how it goes! Seriously! Also feel to email me with any questions at [email protected]


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