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To Tina

To Tina

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Posted by Tree Frog on August 04, 2000 at 01:31:25:

In Reply to: Re: I agree with Tina, plus my update posted by Tina on August 03, 2000 at 19:20:22:

When I reply to a message, what I sometimes do is click on the subject box, highlight the words, delete them, and repost in the message box.

Or you can do that to part of the message and then edit it.

I am glad you are doing so well!
I REALLY wanted to try Armour first, myself.
But I was contrained by finanaces, at the time, to try to work within my health insurance.
I changed doctors and even medical groups until I found a good endo that is up on the current treatments.

I studied everything I could to be sure the T4 I took would be effective as optimally as possible, such as taking it on an empty stomach, with selenium, not with thyroid binding supplements or foods, such as calcium, etc.
It has paid off, as I am doing very well on just the T4. A major cause of synthetic thyroid failure is lack of patient complince and/or undermedicating, and docs that don't provide proper dosing instructions. I certainly had to find out for myself how to best take Synthroid.
But if the new dose is not enough to get rid of the last trace of mental dullness, then I will, thanks to my doc, get to try the T3 also.

While Armour and T3 have an effect on mental fogginess that had not been helped by T4 alone, it is not always necessary. The study on T3 was done on only 33 or so people, and was not conclusive that T3 treatment is always needed. It concluded that more study needs to be done.

I am sharing this so that others who can't pay a naturopath or other alternative doctor know there is still hope for them within the medical system.

My endo is a medical endocrinologist. She told me that the story that many people cannot convert T4 into T3 is a myth propagated by natural healers, that only seems to be true due to the effect T3 has on the brain.

There are only a very few families with that disorder, and it is a serious illness. T4 conversion is done at the cellular level and no one can measure that.
They can only measure blood levels, which tell nothing about the T3 in the cells. That most people do respond well to T4 alone if taken properly, shows that they are converting T4 into T3. I was surprised to learn many of my friends are hypo and have been doing very well on Synthroid for many years. I did not even know they were hypo, but was told when it came out that I am too.

Certainly pure T3 in the blood does affect the brain in such a way to make one feel good.
That is why psychiatrists prescribe it. The blood thyroid level will balance out about the same with or without the additional T3. The body still will use just the thyroid it needs before it goes hyper.

I hope they don't drop the ball, and that they do the additional studies that all thyroid patients need and deserve, and that every doctor will come up to speed on thyroid. Certianly I hope the ENDOS get it together! Many of them do not understand that TSH needs to be much lower than the lab range allows for normalcy. TF

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