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Re: To Tree Frog

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Posted by Tree Frog on August 06, 2000 at 12:48:01:

In Reply to: Re: To Tree Frog posted by Tina on August 05, 2000 at 10:19:32:

Not offended at all...the more info the better, as like you said, we are not all the same! That is why the reliance on lab ranges is absurd.

My endo's point is that given T3 or not, the optimal level of thyroid remains the same with any particular person. I agree the research for relying on Synthroid (T4) is as shakey as that for the T3. My point is just that more research needs to eb done, period. It is very clear that the best thyroid treatment is based on individual experimentation, period...I think the medical profession (and alternative healers), all need to agree on that and quit trying to put forth absolutes for the masses. Our needs fluctuate from day to day, also, so I may get a good level, then go hypo or even hyper at times.

If our foods did come from the food grown in our areas that are rich in selenium, then no supplementation may be needed. But we don't know where our foods come from anymore. They can be and are from anywhere in the world..or genetically engineered, like some cardboard tomatoes I boughtr that were supposedly green-house raised. YUK!! I am sure there was not a trace of vitamins in them. My doc said up 200 Mg of selenium is safe to take.

I have read most of those articles, and I get Mary's newsletter. I am not against Armour at all, and i did note that you always say it is what works for you. I just got to posting info, so did not mean it against you or anyone.

I enciurage everyone to try the T4 therapy to see if it works, if contrained by finances to stay within their health insurance, and thye can't find a doc that will prescribe the natural thyroid.

I think we have been exposed to super-processed non-foods and more chemicals than our parents and so that may be why we have different thyroid needs.
I just heard talk about how we are too low in enzymes too which prevents us from getting the nutrients from our foods, creates aches and pains, unwellness, allergic reactions, indigestion, acid reflux, etc. etc.
The enymes in uncooked foods also build up to help in digesting other foods. It really made sense to me, a I did well when taking a digestive enzyme, then when I quit, a few months later, I was ill again.

Anyway, I always like more info...and will check the info you mentioned, to see if I have read them. Some I know I read already.

Thanks for sharing!!!
I certainly don't see myself as an authority!

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