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A couple more ideas for you

A couple more ideas for you

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Posted by Tina on August 15, 2000 at 19:50:02:

In Reply to: Re: SYNTHROID AND THYROID posted by Tree Frog on August 15, 2000 at 06:23:41:

: Please be very careful...whether or not one can take supplements to get off thyroid med. depends on WHY one is low-thyroid.

: For instance, if one is low because of a destroyed or non-existant thyroid, one has to have thyroid med of some kind. Check with your doctor to be sure of your own special case. It never hurts to build one's immune system, and it may help you!

: The thyroid forum on has many archived articles that will help with weight control.
: For me, giving up simple sugars and simple carbohydrates is the ticket. Many times low-thyroidism is accompanied by carb/sugar cravings that back-fire. Rather than to provide energy, they stay on the belly and other parts of the body!

: An excelelnt book is The Thryoid Solution, which addresses emotional and dietary issues in thyroid illnesses. TF

Hi f.F. Oden,

Just thought I'd throw out a couple more idea's to look into. Have you Doc test you for adrenal insufficiency first, here's why.

On adrenal function:
Under conditions of physiological and psychological stress, cortisol is released in
high amounts. Increased cortisol production is linked to obesity, suppressed thyroid
function, and a host of other serious health consequences. This condition, a precursor to Cushing's syndrome (Fig. 2.), was designated "hyperadaptosis" by Vladimir Dilman, and described in his book, The Neuroendrocrine Theory of Aging.

For more information on Adrenal testing

If that doesn't work…remember that there are other thyroid hormones besides Snythroid that may. Some people are greatly helped by adding a small amount of Cytomel (which is a synthetic T3, the active thyroid hormone) to their Snythroid or other synthetic T4 only drug or by switching to Thyrolar, which is the synthetic T4/T3 combination drug.
Other's only have relief when they switch to a natural thyroid hormone such as Armour, I'm in that group. Unfortunetly there is not a "one size or one medication fits all" in this disease so you must try each of them for yourself.

Here are some links to articles you may want to read.
Article from Mary Shomon on on T3 (Cytomel, Thyrolar, and Natural thyroids…with links

Complete interview with Dr. Brownstein a holistic doctor on natural thyroid

I have hear from people who use a totally holistic approach, like Penny mentioned,
With success both with thyroid replacement and without, so it's worth looking into.
Just as Tree Frog said, "Please be very careful"

I know exactly how you feel about the excess weight issues but I think it will take care of itself or at least be a battle you can fight, when you find the treatment or medication that works for you.

Hope to hear how it goes for you! Tina

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