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Hi Penny

Hi Penny

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Posted by Tree Frog on August 17, 2000 at 14:55:28:

In Reply to: Re: SYNTHROID AND THYROID posted by penny on August 16, 2000 at 21:38:29:

Yeah, we have to be knowledgeable ourselves and be our own health advocates!
I went undiagnosed for almost 20 years, suffering a great deal, due to doctors not understanding thyroid sufficiently. If it was caught early on and I was instructed how to feed my thyroid, I may not have to take the med. now. I don't know...menopause and anger and other bodily chemical changes can over work a thyroid too, so it cannot suffiently supply what we need to have health. I think we would have to be perfect to avoid problems with it that require thyroid supplementation.

Docs ARE fallible, and it is up to us to watch out for ourselves. This is just a fact, not a put down of the medical would be nice if someone would take care of us, but that is really our own responsibility.

Just two days ago, my wonderful endo's nurse called and gave me erroneous instructions. I knew differently, held my ground, and she checked it out. She then apolegized profusely. It was a simple mistake anyone can make. They are just human like us. I am learning to ask my questions though, rather than to demand, as we need to cooperate, and I don't like being pushed and I am sure they don't either.

The thyroid will not function without adequate nutrition, period. And with a refined food, sugary diet, we do not feed the thyroid well enough many times! How many of us actually eat fresh yellow, and orange foods to get vitamin A for the week? How many actually eat whole grains to get sufficient vitamin B for a day, or fresh tomatoes and oranges to get sufficient C? Those and others are critical for a healthy thyroid and conversion of T4 into T3. then some take multi-vitamins but tests have proven that most just go right thru the body without being digested.
Many of us do not drink suffient water, and instead quench our thirst with sodas, or diuretics like caffiene. The body cannot function without adequate water.
There is MUCH to learn.

I grow a garden, and try to keep pesticides out of it as much as possible. Plants don't subcumb to diseases and parasite insects if they are fed & watered properly and are healthy. We are the same. If I fail to water what a plant needs it will always fall to aphids or other diseases!

I grow as much food as I can to make sure it is full of nutrients. The produce in stores is so anemic, I cannot stand to eat it. It is picked so green and artificially made to appear ripe, it is awful. Lots of people have no idea what real food is supposed to taste like.
Seasonally ripened foods are fabulous!

I also avoid any meat that does not quaranteee it does not have added hormones, etc. I never buy any other kind of meat, esp. cheap hamburger that often harbors bacteria. It can be cooked to death, but why risk it?

I wish I were so consistent about eating simple carbs, with all the nutrients refined out. But I am working on that!! : )

There are reasons for destroyed thyroids, sometimes... such as if one's own immune system attacks the thyroid and destroys it...that is Hashimoto's Disease, and supplemented thyroid is needed. In Grave's disease, the only way at times to get one's health back is to destroy the thyroid which is working over-kill, providing WAY too much thyroid hormone, which in itself can kill a person. Then supplemented thryoid is needed. It isn't ALL about greedy medical & pharmacuetical companies.

But we need to be sure of the options and not blindly buy into whatever anyone tells us!
That is why I come to this board, to share my experience, in case it will help anyone avoid some of what I have gone through.

We all have differing thyroid needs, and only we can discover what they are, thru feedback, and lots of reading. I hope I am always careful not to tell anyone what thye need, as we cannot possible know over the internet.
My prayers are with everyone for their own solutions and recovery! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Debbie. TF

: Hi TF, Good points. Your mention of sugar and carbs reminded me of something. Since I've been taking the supplements, my carb cravings have disappeared. I guess my body isn't looking for the quick energy fix anymore. When I'm hungry now, I primarily want only meat and veggies (strange, since I was never much of a meat eater before). Interestingly enough, the thyroid hormone is a protein. Might explain the new meat cravings?

: I don't recommend stopping the hormone replacement therapy either, but it sure can't hurt to adress the nutritional deficiencies most of us have, and if we're lucky, we'll be much healthier over all. I honestly believe that the thyroid's underactivity is the body's way of slowing us down, because we aren't healthy enough to function at a normal level. Once we correct the underlying causes, our thyroids can function properly again, unless of course we let the vastly uninformed medical community convince us to kill our thyroids. Not only does surgery, or RAI kill our thyroids, but taking nothing but replacement hormone can eventually render our thyroids useless as well. My goal is to restore health, not permanently damage it.

: Don't mean to sound bitter about the medical establishment, but I've been misled by the "experts" far too many times. When it comes to our health, I believe we need to be as responsible for it as we possibly can be.

: Penny

: : Please be very careful...whether or not one can take supplements to get off thyroid med. depends on WHY one is low-thyroid.

: : For instance, if one is low because of a destroyed or non-existant thyroid, one has to have thyroid med of some kind. Check with your doctor to be sure of your own special case. It never hurts to build one's immune system, and it may help you!

: : The thyroid forum on has many archived articles that will help with weight control.
: : For me, giving up simple sugars and simple carbohydrates is the ticket. Many times low-thyroidism is accompanied by carb/sugar cravings that back-fire. Rather than to provide energy, they stay on the belly and other parts of the body!

: : An excelelnt book is The Thryoid Solution, which addresses emotional and dietary issues in thyroid illnesses. TF

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