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Re: mum aged 78 need advice - urgent

Re: mum aged 78 need advice - urgent

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Posted by Tina on August 18, 2000 at 09:15:29:

In Reply to: mum aged 78 need advice - urgent posted by Kathy on August 17, 2000 at 16:43:11:

: Please can anyone help, my mum is aged 78 and has had iodene treatment for her thyroid problem. However since she starting taking thyroxine she is getting parculiar feeling,almost like suicidal thoughts, although she has never been nervous or suicidal before. these feelings come in waves during the course of the day, needless to say we are all very concerned apart from the GP - is this a side effect of thyroxine

Hi Kathy,

Did you mean that you mum has had RAI (Radio Active Iodine) treatement, where she went in and recieved one dose of RAI in a "cocktail" or pill form? Or did you mean that they are giving her an iodine supplement as a treatment daily?

If she had RAI and is now on Thyorxine for thyroid replacement for being rendered HypoThyroid as a result of the RAI then what she is experiencing is a symptom of being rendered Hypothyroid and is most likely not recieving adaquate thyroxine yet. Get copies of her lab work from her Doctors, if her TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) is not down between a 1-2 then she most likely needs and increase in the thyroxine. If her TSH is between 1-2 then she may benefit from the addition of a T3 (the active form of the thyroid hormone) drug or need to try a natural thyroid hormone such as Armour that has not only T4 (thyroxine) but T3, T1, T2 and may have other components in it that they have yet to identify.

I suggest that you start learning all you can about this disease now and I can recommend a excellent book to start with, "Living Well With Hypothyroidism: What your Doctor doesn't tell you that you need to know" by Mary J. Shomon. It will explain everything in good detail and is written in terms every laymen can understand. If you can, when you find out her levels let us know, ok? There is help, so tell your Mum to hang in there, it's just the thyroid and it can be helped! If you are from England or Austraila I can give you a place to find other's from either country that can help you through the problems of dealing with it there.

The other person (h was it?) is right about not taking addition iodine as a treatment. There are other foods and drugs she should stay away from and the book that I mentioned will give a list of all of them.

Let me know about the RAI and lab results and I'll start getting some links for you to start looking into until you can get the book. Sincerely, Tina

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