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Re: tsh is 7.5 all i have is anxiety. does synthroid make you gain weight

Re: tsh is 7.5 all i have is anxiety. does synthroid make you gain weight

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Posted by jamie on August 23, 2000 at 21:22:55:

In Reply to: Re: tsh is 7.5 all i have is anxiety. does synthroid make you gain weight posted by norma on August 23, 2000 at 06:31:18:

: : i guess i wonder if my tsh being 7.5 and the only sympton i have is alot of anxiety and alot of hunger. i maybe hypoglycemic too so that could explain my excessive hunger. i feel fine other then the anxiety, does anyone else have just anxiety oris anxietyeven a symptom of hypothyroid? also i have had gained a few pounds but have stabilized with better eating. my dr. says i can start on the synthroid when i am ready. i have heard that synthroid can cause weight gain, my dr. said only because you start to feel better and maybe then eat better. i just don't know what to do, i'd love the anxiety to go away and the excessive hunger too, but i don't know what is what and if it or either is a symptom, any help i'll appreciate it so much................thanx jamie..............

: Jamie,
: If you are feeling anxious and hungry at the same time, it's probably hypoglycemia. I've been diabetic for over 30 years and anxiety, nervous- ness, or feeling "jittery" sounds like low blood sugar to me.
: Try eating something when this happens, even if you're only anxious and not hungry. Hypogly- cemia is a funny thing -- it can make you hungry (or nauseous), anxious (or sleepy), irritable (or confused), even sweaty. In other words, it's often very difficult to recognize it for what it is because you're not thinking clearly to start with (the brain isn't getting enough glucose -- blood sugar -- to operate properly) and also because the symptoms can change. Try eating something with both protein and carbohydrate in it, like a sandwich. The carbs will bring your blood sugar up faster than the protein, but the protein will stay with you longer, providing a slow but steady supply of glucose to the blood-stream over a period of several hours. That's why protein is a good cushion against hypoglycemia A Pepsi or candy bar will get the sugar to you faster, but an hour later that sugar is gone -- converted into either energy or fat.
: There is some sort of connection between the thyroid gland and blood sugar levels. I am an insulin dependant diabetic with hypothyroidism, and my mother had hyperthyroidism along with a tendency toward hypoglycemia. One of these days they will find the connection.
: I take Synthroid and I've gained weight lately but I think it's because I'm not taking enough.
: Good luck to you.
do you know what the chances are of becoming a diabetic cause or from the hypoglycemia or how to avoid it? i have changed my diet drastically, i eat carbs then drink a whey protein shake with my meals to get the protein i need, it has 22 grams of protein and i drink it about 2-3 times a day. i never really feel good, i either feel nervous energy or tired especially if i don't sleep which isn't very often. any advice would be so much appreciated again, thank you for responding. jamie........i hope your test show that your meds need adjusting so you can lose the weight. is it hard to lose? i hope that didn't sound too tasteless

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