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Re: Hi Susan! I'm Okay

Re: Hi Susan! I'm Okay

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Posted by Susan on August 31, 2000 at 23:21:29:

In Reply to: Hi Susan! I'm Okay posted by Angie on August 31, 2000 at 13:27:31:

: : Hi Angie-

: : I hope your up and moving about. Just check to see how you are feeling and if everthing came out all
: : right.

: : Susan
: Hey Susan!
: I'm doing okay. My Dr. started me on meds about a week and a half ago and I sure will be glad when they kick in because I feel pretty tired all the time. My Dr. is going to do blood work in 4 weeks and probably up my dose at that time. The surgery went well, I was really sore afterwards and bruised, just like you said I would be. Getting the drain out was pretty gross, I didn't realize how deep it was so I wasn't completely prepared for the big pull. While I was in surgery they found another growth further down in my neck that they didn't know about and removed it. My surgeon wasn't sure what it was but it turned out to be thyroid tissue. He said he had never seen that happen before. Luck for me everything was benign, but one of the nodules was going through some type of degenerative changes and the surgeon was glad that was removed in time. My scar isn't too bad, I can live with it, but let me ask you something-after your surgery-how did your neck feel? Between my scar and my chin my neck is super sensitive and stings and burns alot, and I can't stand to have anything touch it. Did you experience anything like this? Let me know. Thank you so much for asking about me! Angie


I so glad all went well!!! Your going to feel tired for a while-you just had major surgery. The meds will help soon and the scar, well mine is fine and if I want to I can hide it with a neckless (to let you know how thin it is). And it is fading a bit over time. However, a girlfreind of mine had problems with scar tissue and it turned knotty on her ask your surgeon or Dr what you can use to prevent this. Yes, I had the burning sensation and the sensitivity. What I remember most was the feeling my neck was a loose spring because the muscles were so weak. If you ever feel that your pain is abnormal call your Dr or Surgeon and ask! Keep us updated.


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