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Re: Armour vs. Levoxyl

Re: Armour vs. Levoxyl

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Posted by dale on September 03, 2000 at 20:48:08:

In Reply to: Re: Armour vs. Levoxyl posted by Gail D. on September 01, 2000 at 21:04:32:

This has been such a help to me. I am hoping the Armour will help. It is good to know other people are having similar problems and can help with solutions.: : : There seems to be a bias on this board towards Armour thyroid replacement given it's T3 component. I spoke to my doctor about Armour and Thylomar and his opinion was that only in rare cases do people not convert T4 to T3 which would result in astronomic TSH values because it is the T3 which the pituitary senses. He said given my TSH of 9-13, the range on recent tests, that only a sluggish thyroid, not T3 conversion, is the problem, thus Levoxyl was prescribed. Any opinions on this reasoning by my doc? thanks, Steve

: : Hi Steve,

: : I don't think there is a bias towards Armour thyroid on this board, just me. ;-) and I talk a lot! Don't get me wrong though, I know that not everyone needs extra T3 or to take a natural thyroid replacement. Out of the 3 women in my family with thyroid problems I'm the only one that didn't do well on synthetic T4 only replacement. I'm also the only one of us that has the autoimmune part of this disease, went from hypo to hyper and received RAI for it, rendering me back to hypo. So any of those may account for the reason I didn't do well on T4 only. Not enough study has been done as of this point to know for sure. My T3 was borderline low even when my TSH was only up to 4.75, which is too high for me. Anything over a TSH of 2 and I feel like death warmed over.

: : Many Doctors claim that a T4 to T3 conversion problem is rare, I would like to see the studies on this and if those studies exist, and who paid for them! Is it rare or just rarely tested for????? My understanding is that the pituitary sends out TSH and senses T4 not T3, and that most of our T3 is made from T4 in peripheral tissues. Another thing I am in disagreement with your doc on is a TSH of 9 to 13 being "sluggish". That is not border line, ask for copies of the tests done and you will see that the lab range used will be somewhere between 4.5 to 5.5 (depending on the lab used) to indicate hypothyroid. And recent studies being done now indicate that the ideal TSH is between 1-2.

: : Here are a few good articles.
: Hi Steve:
: Yes, it is absolutely correct, my TSH was 3.85, and I fall asleep 1-2 hrs. after I wake up. Go to bed a night NO SLEEP. Sometimes for days and days. Unless you can medicate sleep, and then you're groggy, well you get the picture. My dr. is grudingly switching me to Thyrolar end of this mo. but I'm pushing HARD for the Armour. I have a stress test and she will NOT change the lousy synthroid till after that. I am so fatigued, I could sleep standing up. Hair falling out, wt. gain. The drs. just use that TSH. Read Mary Shomon's book, it is THE best, and I'm not paid to say that! Hopefully this internet will open up more and more eyes and push these doctors to help us, not to worry what drug company is buying them lunch that day!

: : This is "Is your Hypothyroidism Undertreated." This will explain current thinking that an ideal TSH would be from 1-2 and give links to the eBMJ (British Medical Journal) article about the study done on this.
: :

: : This will explain how the TSH became the "gold" standard as well as give a brief history of all the tests.
: : Rethinking the TSH test: an interview with David Derry, M.D. Phd
: :

: : This article will give a link to the study reported in the NEJM (New England Journal of Medicine) on adding T3.
: : Research Finds Most Patients Feel Better with Addition of T3, Not Levothyroxine (i.e.,
: : Synthroid) Alone!!!
: :

: : Read and then give these to your Doctor, then ask for the studies he's going by!

: : But seriously Steve, if you are feeling well on Levoxyl then more power to you..many people do! Please don't think that I'm on a crusade to get everyone on T3 or Armour, really I'm not. Just those that don't feel well and still have hypo symptoms on synthetic T4 only hormones. I'm not in the medical profession nor do I have any training in it whatsoever, I've only been studying the thyroid for the last couple years (most of which I was doing so with a bad case of brain fog) to find out why I wasn't doing as well as the Doctors told me I would.

: : Hope something in this answers your questions! Sincerely, Tina

: :

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