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Thanks ..another Q. Anyone had a 'throbbing thyroid gland?'

Thanks ..another Q. Anyone had a 'throbbing thyroid gland?'

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Posted by AF on September 05, 2000 at 11:17:15:

In Reply to: Re: Test results ok, but still feel YUCK !! What next?Advice PLLLEASE! posted by Elaine on September 04, 2000 at 14:34:37:

: : Advice appreciated!! Have been on Levothroid for 7 years. Started out at dosage 75mcg now on 137mcg (how high is 137mcg anyway? Is that in the average range?). Had blood test done 2 weeks ago, (follow up on new dosage), and tests were in the normal range. HOWEVER, for months and months I have been lethargic, sleep whenever I can, lack of concentration, cold skin, dry hair, no energy, brain fog as someone mentioned!! ..and with 2 kids under 4 ..thats not easy. I am 27. If my blood work and doctor say it is ok it still possible my thyroid is not? Are there other tests that should be done? What would be the next step? Im calling the doctor tomorrow to talk to her, and what questions should I ask?

: Hi Have you ever taken your oral basal temperature? First thing in the morning before you get up and move around, use a standard thermometer under your tonque. A Normal temperature is 98.2 Anything under suggests low thyroid function. There is lots of great reading material on this chat board with links to informative sites. The doctors are heavily reliant on blood tests which are usually inconclusive rather than observing the patients symtoms....good luck I'm new at this too.

Thanks! I have never taken my temperature like you say. Will try that. Just not sure what my doc will say, when I call back and say 'listen, I know my blood results are ok ..but I still have these symptons' ....I feel better today, but this morning, my thryoid was to be described as ..throbbing ..for mabye 30mins ...Ive had that before ...has anyone else ever had that? Or am I imagining things LOL !!

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