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Re: Need Help with test results !

Re: Need Help with test results !

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Posted by Jeanne on September 11, 2000 at 12:01:14:

In Reply to: Re: Need Help with test results ! posted by Susan on September 08, 2000 at 23:36:13:

: : I was tested for a thyroid disorder about six months ago, I have every single symtom of an underactive thyroid. But doc says I am normal. Normal people aren't tired all the time and can't gain five pounds in a single day. I have not improved and I am continuing to gain weight rapidly despite my
: : efforts of diet and exersise. These were my results can someone tell me if there was something overlooked.
: : Or if I need to be retested. Or maybe another explaination for my symtoms.

: : Vitamin B12 432
: : TSH 0.56
: : Thyroxine (T4) 5.13
: : T-Uptake 31
: : Free Thyroxine index 1.59
: : T3, Total 0.76
: : Free T4 0.79

: Leslie, It looks as though you are in the lower end of "normal" One thing that didn't add up is all you levels are low. Your TSH would be low if your hypo but the T4 should be high. I would ask my doctor what else it could be to be giving you these low levels. Some people who are on the end limits of the ranges some times do better with meds but discuss it with your Dr.

I've watched your message religiously to see what reply you would get on your lab results. You see my TSH is .53 with the same symptoms and the endo I see says I am in the normal range no thyroid problem. In addition, I have a goiter.
At least, you have ALL your lab results. She has never given me all my results and I'm on the verge of going to my HMO (alot of good that will probably do!) To see what my rights are concerning lab results. I want all of the lab results to determine whether I should see another endo. OR whether like you my symptoms stem from another problem. You didn't give your age. I'm 49 and the variety of doctors I'm seeing, plus the variety of medications they have prescribed are bankrupting me. The problem with this is if it is my thyroid or pituitary, the 9 medications I am presently taking could be exchanged for 2. Let me climb down off my soapbox. I will continue to monitor your message to see if anyone has anything constructive to suggest since my doctor had nothing. If I find out something that might help you, I will followup again. Thanx.

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