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Re: What's my next step?

Re: What's my next step?

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Posted by Dawn on September 14, 2000 at 23:12:14:

In Reply to: What's my next step? posted by Maria on September 02, 2000 at 11:38:54:

: Hi all. New to the board and am excited at the wealth of information!- Thanks

: My symptoms are:
: Constant fatigue, always after eating and especially in the afternoon
: (when the "brain fog" and the "low mood" set in) it's known as "siesta time in my house"
: low body temperatute (averages about 97)
: Always cold (I sometimes develop hives when out in the snow)
: Constant itch and skin eruptions on arms
: Borderline anemic
: Dry hair, skin, nails, eyes

: Blood test on 8-28 came back in normal ranges for
: Triiodothyronine, total 127
: t-4 (thyroxine), total 11.7
: Thryroid Stimulating Hormone 1.34

: My physician(s) never ordered a thyroid test when complaining of these symptoms in the past
: (just told to take iron supplements) but one did comment on my dry skin and low body temperature.
: He said to buy a particular body lotion and told me my body temperature was normal for me.

: I asked my dermatologist to take the thyroid test since I was there and thought my skin problems might be related to my thyroid. (she said they're not and hesitantly gave me the test).

: My current medical insurance is just for hospitalization so I'm trying to narrow down my doctors office visits.
: I'm not sure whether to find another GP or see an endocrineologist.
: It looks like my blood test do not warrant an endocrineologist but my symptoms do.

: My Dad also underwent a total thyroidectomy last year due to a large goiter. The surgeon at his bedside told my brother and I that thyroid problems are not inherited- I've since learned that this is false. This was the reason I started reasearching thyroid problems. I was reasearching for my dad but saw more of myself in the articles that I was reading.

: Any comment would be appreciated.
: Thanks again

: hi, i am sorry to hear about your stuation. I am no doctor, so follow your gut as to what you decide to do. I suggest that you look up info about hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).being tested for it is tricky because a person is only hypo when they have low blood sugar so that may not be at the exact time that you are getting the blood test. hypo and thyroid problems are very similar. There is
such a thing as reactive hypoglycemia which is low blood sugar due to the reaction of the food you eat. If you over-eat or if you don't eat properly then you will be tired and have fog brain. I am not saying that you are hypo, but if you want you can test yourself and see (please don't self diagnose, just test). Try eating a low sugar high protien diet. Eat small meals several times a day, with a snack like peanut-butter crackers or animal crackers between meals.
Eat every couple of hours and eat good, but again, don't over-eat! What about a low sugar cereal or eggs for breakfast, a snack about an hour or two later and then a luch with meat,then a snack (maybe two), dinner.....Like I said, I am no doctor so I only give advice, but if you want to try this it could be part of your problem. Try to eat right before you feel yourself start to feel tired and weak. If you are not hypo then it could be something a little more serious like your thyroid.
There are a couple of tests other than blood tests that you can take to determine if you have thyroid problems, but they may be costly. Ask your doctor about it. Also, if you decide to get a finger prick to test for hypo, then go at atime when you are feeling sooooo low soooo tired, because that is when your blood sugar will be low, if it is. Keep us informedand search the internet for more info. I hope you are taking vitamins everyday....well good luck, Dawn:) P.S. try not to worry,
thyroid problems are some-what easy to fix if that is what is wrong.

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