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Re: Thanks Q!

Re: Thanks Q!

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Posted by Q on September 25, 2000 at 19:50:04:

In Reply to: Thanks Q! posted by Tina on September 25, 2000 at 18:09:09:

: : : : Hi, I haven't been to this site for a while but thought I'd share some news with you. I've been feeling great since I've been on the Armour but something just wasn't right and I couldn't figure out what. So I went to my doctor and he did some tests and found out that I have yeast syndrome. Now some of the signs are similar to thyriod symptoms. I had to go on the MEVY diet - meat eggs veggies yogurt (plain)it's pretty strick for a while the first week was hard because I was craving carbs like crazy but after that it was easy and I now feel totally better. However, I have to stay on the diet a while longer to kill all the bad bacteria and to regain the good bacteria but that's ok at least it wasn't related to my thyroid anymore. The good part is I lost weight - can't help but lose on this diet - I just wanted to let you know that if you are taking meds and maybe you're still not feeling up to par but not enough to maybe up your meds there could be other things happening. When I get home I'll post some of the symptoms and the book I have on it. One woman actually was able to reduce her thyroid meds because the symptoms were from the yeast syndrone and not her thyroid. You never know...just an FYI

: : : Please, Please, Please hurry home and give me the name of the book! Tina

: : Hi Tina, I fly home late Thursday night. I'll give you the name of the book on Friday. I think you'll find it interesting. It's funny but I read another book called "Eating for your Blood Type" and the diet for my blood type, (mentions thyroid), this yeast syndrome diet, and what I've read in "The Thyroid Solution" all say the same thing - no breads, pastas, rice, potatoes, refined sugars etc. Check out the blood type book too. It hit a lot of things on the head as far as eating and gaining and feeling good. I was surprised. There is also a cookbook for cooking for your blood type. Q

: Hi Q, Thanks, looking forward to reading it! I've hear a bit about the blood type diet, which for me (type O) is meat, isn't it? No problem there, just hate the thought of giving up all carbs forever. On Atkins, I got too dizzy to complete more than four days on it :-(. I'm really interested in something that can reduce the amt. of medication that I take (I'm only on 1grain Armour plus apx. 25 mcgs. of Snythroid, which I'll be switching to the "new approved" Unithroid as soon as it becomes available in my area) but the way I feel is that you are always best off with the least amount of medication or hormones that you can tolerate.
: Seems I'm always getting bladder & kidney infections now and this sounds like it might help that also. In that it helps fight the bad bacteria and regain the good bacteria. Have you been able to find a good tasting "plain" yogert? Looking forward to hearing more soon as you get back. Hope your trip is going well and you are having time to enjoy yourself a bit. Tina

Hi Tina, I work in Oklahoma but live in Pittsburgh PA so I'm flying out Monday morning and flying back Thursday night..whew!!! Anyway, you're right about the blood O being a meat related diet. I found that if I got dizzy it was because I wasn't eating enough - your body doesn't like it when you take the sugar away and simple carbs. It goes through a withdrawl - it took me about a week to get past them. but once I did I was fine didn't crave them, didn't feel weak and actually needed less food - personally I was ticked because I wanted to eat some sweets but knew it was a no no. However, that doesn't mean you can never eat those things - just not every week - all the time. You will feel better - more energy - clearer thinking etc. Skin looks better, my eyes look better less puffy (I have graves - non-progressive). My doctor told me that the doctor who wrote the book took it to an extreme so don't let it scare you - but the information was interesting to say the least. And it didn't scare me at all. Just made me more determined to follow the diet. sorry for the long reply. :-) Q

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