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Re: thyroid #'s 'ok', but antibodies high

Re: thyroid #'s 'ok', but antibodies high

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Posted by Tina on September 25, 2000 at 22:47:35:

In Reply to: thyroid #'s 'ok', but antibodies high posted by Mary on September 25, 2000 at 19:00:07:

: Hello all,

: Will try to keep this brief- was diagnosed w/ hashimotos 2.5 yrs ago before trying to get pregnant with baby #3...started on small dose of armour, and got pg. just 5 wks later!

: Had an uneventful pg...6 wks. post-partum went hyper, was told to stop armour...have been feeling really bad lately (very dizzy, some overall numbness, short of breath, sore knee joints, brian fog, etc.)

: My GP took tsh in mid-july and said it was normal (2.67). She suggested an MRI to rule out MS! Instead, decided to go see an endo...after spending only 5 min. w/ me, they took T7 and T4 (T4 was 6 on scall of 5-11.5, but they said it was all 'normal'!)

: Found a holistic MD finally, just got results back: DHEA fairly low (105 on scale of 12-370), magnesium a bit low, B-12 and zinc OK, T3 was right in middle of range, but antithyroid peroxidase antibody was still very high (down from 750 2 yrs ago to 676).

: She suggested starting on small dose of DHEA. I asked her about the antibodies. She said she'd be willing to start me on armour, but to maybe try one thing at a time, that sometimes it can be the adrenals or low DHEA contributing to thyroid function.

: Have any of you had any of these test results? Any thoughts on DHEA? I've read it can cause liver damage in high doses.

: Or should I try the armour first? What do you all think? Weird thing is, I seem to be moving into some hyper symptoms from time to time as well (heart beat around 90 sometimes and racing to bathroom first thing in morning due to intestinal 'rush')!!!

: Thanks for any advice.

: Mary

Hi Mary,

My vote would be to try the holistic Doc's approach first to see if it helps. Although your T4 is borderline low and your TSH could be just a bit more than might be ideal ( do you know what is was when you were feeling good?) they aren't so bad that you couldn't give the holistic approach a try for a while to see if it works? Sounds like you do your homework so I wouldn't worry about him giving you an excess dose of DHEA or anything else, I just know you'll check up on it before taking anything and be aware of what the toxic dose is.
All the symptoms that you list are interchangable in Hyper and Hypo and my worry would be that you could start into a hyper phase or developing a nodule and the Armour might give it a push. At any rate, I'd sure give it a fair try and then if I didn't show improvement in a reasonable time..I'd let the Doc run any other test she wants and go back on Armour. IMHO.

Hope you'll let us know which you choose (after a few more people have given you thier opinions) and how it goes! Tina

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