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Re: Nancy!

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Posted by Tina on September 29, 2000 at 19:35:54:

In Reply to: Re: Nancy! posted by nancy on September 27, 2000 at 21:07:36:

: Hi tina,

: Yes I went off about 3 days ago. I've managed to take most of my 5mcg. of cytomel, which I'm sure has helped with withdrawal. I'm still having dizziness... but now the cytomel is still kind of a mystery. If I take more than a 1/4 at once, it makes me really sleepy and hyper focused.. what does this mean. I'm going to try to take it at night for this reason. and less in the day. My tt3 is 100. Since I talked with you last, my ferritin count which my new dr. did showed low iron resercve. Working on that, trying to make sure, I don't overlap drugs thyroid and iron . well its not the best, hair loss from cytomel I think, but I am off eff. Thankyou for making myself take a stand. My ft-4 was 1.3 my dr. said I might want to go up oncytomel some more, but I don't think I can tolerate that. you mentioned you had problems. Once again thanks for your sup[port..nancy

Hi Nancy,

Gosh, it's so great to hear that you are off the effexor completely! Wow, that was quick! Just wish your Doctor could peg down what is causing the dizziness. How has your b/p been lately? I have gotten a sleepy on all three, just Snythroid, Snythroid w/Cytomel, and Armour. With Snythroid I could always tie it into my dose needing an upward adjustment. However, I've heard that when you are adding T3 that it can be that your body needs the extra rest while it's trying to heal. Since your iron reserves are low it that also could be what is making you so sleepy or even a combination of both. You must have gotten a good book or did you hear about not overlapping the thryoid med's and iron on another forum (like Mary's)? The FT4 of 1.3 looks fairly good, going on the normal range of .7 to 2 but what was your FT3 and TSH? I think that the FT3 would be a better indicator of how the Cytomel is doing for you.
Since the Cytomel is fast acting but doesn't last as long as the T4 a lot of people find that splitting the dose like you are doing helps. I heard that they are working on a time released version of it now. You can get it (time released form) from a compounding Phamacy if you have one near, perhaps that could help with it? I don't quite understand what you mean by "hyper focused"??? Are you saying that you can really focus onto something where you were having problems before? Or is it the hyper feeling where you can't focus and feel shakey and a bit spacey?
Are your kids off to college now? Are you enjoying the peace and quite or having empty nest syndrome? My 29 yr, old brat is coming over on Sunday. Can't wait to see her, it's been a month since she paid us a visit! She's had to travel this past month and has a bit of a break before she has to go off again so it be a while after this that I'll get to see her again. :-( Don't you teach? Or I'm I getting confused again?

Great hearing from you, Tina

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