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Congratulations Teresa!!!!

Congratulations Teresa!!!!

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Posted by Lynne W on September 30, 2000 at 21:05:36:

In Reply to: Re: To Lynne w and Susan! I need your help!!! Im Pregant! posted by Holk on September 20, 2000 at 20:57:47:

: : Hi Lynne! HI Susan! I took a preagnancy test this morning and it says positive! until now i cant believe that i am... how accurate is a Home Pg test???? Plus my TSH level is so low...the last was .04 How can i be pregnant??? I have all the other symptoms and i havent had my period yet this month. Anyways, Lynne, im soooo scared to lose this baby...remember you said you had a miscarriage? i dont want that to happen to big were you...or what month did you have the miscarriage??? I really need your help! how do i prevent having one too??? I dont want to drink any anti-thyroid cause it might be bad for the baby! Please help me...all the advice you can give! This is such a wonderful gift to my man!!! Thanks!!!!

: :Hi, I know you didn't really ask for my help but i did see info about pregnancy and thyroid problems ar _guide.html I think that is right anyhow if that doesn't work then look up AACE Clinical Practice Guidlines for Evaluation and Treatment of...
: Good Luck, Holk

Hi Teresa,
Sorry it took me so long to respond to this, but I haven't been here in a while.

for starters, you got past the first hurdle which is a ++pregnancy test and that's wonderful. I didn't get that far as my beta was so low that it was only detected by a beta blood test. I did do some reading and since you got pregnant, as long as you start some kind of treatment, things could progress just fine.

You may need to take antithyroid meds, such as Tapazole, but Endocrinologist are experienced with treating women that become hyper while pregnant so they would know what dose to start you on and it would be low I"m sure.

I right now am having the opposite problem as my TSH is high again and I'm trying to get it down before i can try and conceive again.

I left me email address here, so please keep in touch and let me know how things progress.

You're in my thoughts and prayers and best of luck with this.

Also, try and find out if you have antibodies attacking your thyroid like I did and if so, you may need to take heparin and baby aspirin, so please look into this as that may have been the cause for my chemical pregnancy not going on.

Lynne W

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