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Re: Hey, Q!

Re: Hey, Q!

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Posted by Tina on October 01, 2000 at 08:10:00:

In Reply to: Re: Hey, Q! posted by Q on September 29, 2000 at 17:39:15:

: : : Hey Tina, since I've been taking Armour (sp?) thyroid I've been like a new woman. For about 4 years I dragged around with little or no interest in anything while I was taking Synthyroid and supposedly "normal" and all the while gaining weight and feeling miserable. The doctor kept blaming my age (I'm 47) but I work out 6 days a week and there was no reason in the world to feel that way. So I switched doctors (went to a wholelistic doctor) and he immediately put me on natural thyroid. Said all my tests he received from my old doctor showed I was still hypo!!! Ticked me off royally!

: : : If I remember off the top of my head the name of the book was just 'The Yeast Syndrome' but I don't remember who it is by. Sorry. But the book you mentioned may be a good one to start with in the mean time I'll send you the name on Friday.

: : : How's your thyroid treatments - feel better than when you were first diagnosed? Q

: : Hi Q,

: : Yes, the Armour is soooo much better than the Snythroid alone! I am taking apx. 25 mcg of Snthroid (until Unithroid is available) with the Armour and still trying to find the "best" dose for me. My Doc is of no help except that he is "allowing" me to try it. :-( He wouldn't even give me my last lab results for 3 months because he didn't want me to know that my TSH was at a 4.75 with 1 and 1/4 grains of Armour b/c he knew that was not acceptable to me (anything over a 2.3 and I feel like death warmed over) and that I would increase my dose on my own. I did anyway, going up to 1 1/2 grain but since I have CHF and MVP from when I was hyper, too much T3 can have an adverse reaction on me. Had to back off to 1 grain with the addition of the 25 mcgs of Snythorid. This is my fifth Doctor since this whole thing started 3 years ago(one of those I never even saw) and I'd like not to have to go to another one at this point. Oh, excuse me, here I am on another tangent! I get this way just before or after a Doctors appointment, Just had one last week and I'm still irritated, sorry. Wish I could go to a holistic Doc, darn HMO's. I agree that price controls are very very nesessary but to control what Doc I can see is not the way to do it!

: : Let me know about the book on Friday! Until then I've started eating yogert again but still would like to know what the best tasting plain yogert is. :-) Tina

: Hi Tina, I can well understand your frustration with the doctors and their treatments....went through the same trouble you have been going through.

: The name of the book is The Yeast Syndrome - How to help your doctor identify and treat the ral cause of your yeast-related illness by John Parks Trowbridge, MD and Morton Walker DPM

: Is there such a thing as "good tasting" plain yogurt?????? I add shaved almonds to mine or mellon - helps.

: I will say that I have improved since I modified my diet again with this diet. And if I dare cheat I can tell right away. So my doc said there were still some bad bacteria running around. I have to stay on target until at least the end of December. But I lost 5 pounds since the end of August..not bad. Better than gaining like I was before. Hope this info helps Q

Thanks Q,

Think I will get the one you read first and then get the other, just to see how and if they differ. Thanks a bunch for the suggestions of adding the melon and shaved almonds. I've got a couple of watermelons that are just about ready to pick. Do you get Mary Shomon's newletter? Had some good stuff in the monthly one yesterday! Hope you are having a good relaxing weekend, Tina

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