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Posted by Tina on October 01, 2000 at 23:31:40:

In Reply to: Q: TSH RESULTS/SYMPT./VERY LONG/PLEASE READ posted by Cynthia on October 01, 2000 at 00:56:37:

: hello, i've been reading the board for a couple of weeks hoping to find an answer. i've decided to post my questions. this board is GREAT! i wish i would have found it a few months ago,but very thankful to have it now. anyway, my questions. i am 27, female 2 children (2&4). i have every and mean every symptom of hypothyroid with a few hyperthyroid. completely convinced was hypo, but TSH came back .09 which is hyper (or high side of normal,dr.'s words). not losing weight, extreme fatigue, problems sleeping at night, but could fall over at anytime during day and can't hardly wake up in mornings, hands swelling worst in morning and eve.,some in feet, acne(always complete clear complection),muscles and joints hurt and ache,hair breaking off to the point had to get it all cut off,slight incontience,dry skin,very forgetful,rapid pulse could go on and on. pitutary gland was norm.(what dr. said) adrenal gland was little low at 10, did some kind of stimulating test and said looks like adrenal norm. blood sugar little low at times during these test 62 and 66. bought home blood sugr. tester, he thought maybe hypoglycemia, stays pretty normal, a little low at times. anywho, dr.thinks complete hypoglycemia. i don't. oh, my thyroid is enlarged did ultrasound (at endo.)he called it a goiter. regular doc said TSH in middle of range when i said, wasn't it .09, he said yes, it ranges from .05-6 so .09 is in the middle. Endo. said little on the high side but not the problem. what do i do. does it sound like thyroid to any of you? i have always been entergetic, not hyper, just could accomplish whatever i needed to do,now i'm doing good to get out of bed. Please help! i've got to feel better, my 4yr. old daughter,says mommy i miss you and it breaks my heart. she can tell a difference. Sorry to just keep going. i needed to get all that out. thanks. please reply.
: In His Love,
: cynthia
: Matt. 21:21-22

Hi Cynthia,

Symptoms of HyperT and HypoT are often interchangeable and we all have similar yet can have very different symtoms with either. A few people will gain weight when they hyper and a few will lose weight when hypo (they are the ones we are all jelouse of ;-) While a TSH of .09 generally would not be concidered hyper in fact it is now being realized that the best TSH is somewhere between 1-2 for "most" people but people are individuals and what feels good for me may not for you. I think that is the point that most Doctors are missing, if you don't feel good at .09 and other possiblitys such as adrenals have been dismissed, then it is possible that "your" range "needs" to be higher. I can't tolerate getting down to .68 without experiencing bad hyper symptom. Yet prior to treament, my TSH was down to .01 at which point I had to be hospitilized for congestive heart failure from it. A few things you need to find out from your doc.. did he do a complete thyroid panel, esp. Free T3 which if it high can cause the hyper feelings of the rapid pulse. Next ask if they have checked for thyroid antibodies, if they are present it could indicate that things are starting go haywire. If he hasn't run these test, please request that he does! Let us know the outcome of these tests once you get the answer! Some other things to look at are; Are you taking any OTC drugs on a fairly reqular basis, which ones? Are you taking vitamens with iodine in it? Are you eating a lot of iodized salt, shellfish, soy, kelp, ? Have they recently run any tests that required an iodine dye? Usually a goiter is thought to be caused by not enough iodine, but concidering the amount of iodine we get in just about everything we eat that adds salt, that should make goiters a thing of the past and yet it isn't! Let me know about the OTC's and any of the other items I've mentioned, ok? Sincerly, Tina

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