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Posted by Tina on October 02, 2000 at 01:07:39:

In Reply to: Re: CAN HYPOTHRYOIDISM CAUSE HYPOGLYCEMIA OR VICE VERSE? posted by Evonda on October 01, 2000 at 16:31:23:

: : : i have my tsh level checked about every six months since 1993 cause my thyroid is enlarged and my antibodies were high but my tsh was still under 5.5. then in july out of the blue and on vacation i started getting dizzy and weak and excessive hunger every two hours. i seen my dr. he said i was probably hypoglycemic functional, what is the difference between functional and reactional? at the same time he re-tested my thyroid and my tsh was almost nine and it still is. so does one have anything to do with the other? anybody know? please help! i'm not on meds yet, due to start 0.08 mg of synthroid on monday. will this help my hypoglycemia if they are connected or could the hypoglycemia flipped the switch on my tsh? anybody that has any advise would be appreciated. thank you in advanc............harley... p.s. i feel o.k. that is why i havent' started meds yet, just trouble with the hypoglycemia, actually it seems better too since i started working out at ballys. exercise really does help!!!!!!!!!

: : Hi Harley, I read your note. Just like you, when I first went into the doctor's office I thought I was hypoglycemic and I very well may be, but my thyroid is what is causing most of my problems. I think that hypoglycemia and thyroid problems can have some of the same symptoms. The thing that people do not understand, is that a person is hypo. when they have low blood sugar whick is not all of the time. I thought that I could go to the doctor, get one test and find out if I were hypo. or not, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I think that hypo and thyroid problems feed off of each other, but I am no doctor. however, i have found that eating whenever I start to feel tired and weak has helped me to pep back up regardless of which is causing the problems. I eat a variety of things, but the best thing that I have found to help are my peanut-butter crackers. Just be careful because they can get old fast so eat different things than just those. I know I didn't answer your question, but maybe I helped somehow!? I have to make my doctor and the nurses explain everything to me, but that is what they are there for. They forget sometimes that we are new to all of this. To answer your question in my non-professional point-of-view: I don't think that one causes the other, but I do think that they contribute to the same problems. Good luck in the future. :)

: I'm new to the board, but am I glad I found it! I find this discussion interesting. I, too, went to the DR because I thought I was hypoglycemic & discovered an elevated TSH. I, too, have "spells" where I feel weak, have elevated heart rate and breathing, and can only think of food! It started in college, where I would eat peanut butter and feel better within 30 seconds to a couple of minutes. Something about the peanut butter???


I know little to nothing about hypoglycemia but I did try to find out if there has been a connection noted. I didn't do a very good search but what I found that seemed interesting is a quote in Mary Shomon's book "Living Well with hypothyroidism" ....."Interrestingly, many of the unrelieved symptoms we assume are also due to hypothyroidim-tiredness, dizziness, fatique, exhaustion, uncontrolled hunger-may, in fact, be side effects of blood sugar swings due to insulin resistance. Any illness, such as the chronic thyroid problem we all face, also creates physical stress. And stress rasise cortisol levels. And overproduction of cortisol increases insulin levels." Interesting? Here's a link to read about Thyroid related conditions Let me know if this seems connected. Sincerely, Tina

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