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Re: Someone Please Help Me...forgot to add..

Re: Someone Please Help Me...forgot to add..

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Posted by Tina on October 04, 2000 at 18:13:41:

In Reply to: Re: Someone Please Help Me...forgot to add.. posted by Gen on October 04, 2000 at 16:24:07:

: : got my test results today.... they are as follows.....TSH T4 T3 3.20....... and ??? T3 RIA 1.62..... my doctor looked in a book for ranges, the book says I'm lacking in T4 there for hypo.... the ranges from the lab say I'm fine...... but with all the symptons I have I can't be normal!! the doctor says he'd love to put me on medication... and that he KNOWS it would make me feel 10x's better, but with the lab ranges saying I'm normalhe just can't... so he recommended me to an endo... what's he gonna say?? can I get help here or what???? thanx--Gen
: dad and both me grand parents take med. for hypo...

Hi Gen,

While with the exception of your free T4 being boardline low, if you are having symptoms and have a family history of hypothyroidism then I think your Doc is correct in wanting to start you on medication now. As far as the Endo, he/she will just rerun those test and perhaps run a test for thyroid antibodies and your Doc can have that run. So my feeling is give your Doc and the medication that he/she wants you to try a chance (at least 6 wks.) then if you are not feeling better you can make that appointment with the Endo. As long as your Doctor starts you out on a very low dose and you are aware of the signs of getting to high of a dose, it won't do any harm to try it. It's not an addicting drug. A lot of people would cut off their right arm to have a Doctor that was willing to treat on symptoms and history rather than on tests alone. Please go to this site and read what it has to say.
After that go to this site and Read the entire interview with Dr. David Derry, M.D., Phd on Thyroid Tests at What kind of symtoms are you having? Best of Luck, Tina
What kind of symptoms are you having?

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