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Re: Is this a symptom ??????

Re: Is this a symptom ??????

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Posted by Tina on October 08, 2000 at 10:40:10:

In Reply to: Re: Is this a symptom ?????? posted by Susan on October 07, 2000 at 23:29:12:

: : My husband had his thyroid zapped when he was seventeen.
: : They zapped too much and has been taking medication for Hypothyroidism since.
: : To cut a long story short ....
: : We have just had a baby, and I have 12 year old twins from a previous marriage.
: : Life has its ups & downs but on the whole our relationship is a strong & Happy one.
: : After having his levels tested a month or so back, they came back at 68. This is, I understand dangerously
: : low.
: : My question is ...
: : Prompted by me ( I got angry over stuff that really wasnt a big deal ) and did apologise later, my husband turned into a monster. He has said the most hurtful horrible things, that have really cut deeply.
: : He is normally the most kindest, laidback man.
: : I have been accussed of things that I dont remember.
: : In the past we work out our spats.
: : I am not sure if its his thyroid talking or if the man I Love really despises me...
: : Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
: : Thanks
: : Tory

: Tory- I can only give you what happens to me when my levels are off. I become very emotional and angry. I start to cus like a sailor at little things. It is an awful feeling that you hurt the ones you love. For me I can now reconize that I am an emotional reck and I get my blood work done and I am always off we get the leves back in line and I am fine. Remember it can take a while to get the levels right 7 weeks to saturate the body if the dose is right the 1st time or another blood test..... I am lucky and have a husband that is understanding. Hang in there. -Susan-

Tory, same here. I'm positive that he didn't mean what he said! When my thyroid levels are off I'm a tyrant. Little things will bother me something terrible and I can make a mountain out of a mole hill in 5 seconds flat. Now that I know the "why" it is easier to control and deal with but still no walk in the park. Once my levels are back to normal I feel like such a heel for the way I've treated those that I love. Problem is they are the ones, because of their closeness, that end up on the recieving end. It's very hard to explain how much and all the ways it can affect how you feel when your thyroid is off, the only thing I can think of is that you just don't even know yourself even while it is happening.
You feel like you are living in an alien body, everything (including your skin) can hurt, you often have brain fog and feel like you are loosing your mind (hypothyroid is often mistaken for Alhzeimers), you really aren't you're normal self. As Susan said, give it a while to to take affect and I'm sure that you will have the husband that you love back. Best of Luck, Tina

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