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Lost in the "hypothyroid desert" for 8 years- but now I'm baaa-ack

Lost in the "hypothyroid desert" for 8 years- but now I'm baaa-ack

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Posted by Paula on October 12, 2000 at 05:00:21:

My hypothyroid condition went undiagnosed for nearly 5 years before it was caught. Initially, my Dr. said
I was depressed and wanted to put me on Prozac. I refused but 4 yrs later, when I had truly gotten into
a more serious level of this disease, my Dr recommended Paxil. I was desparate, I agreed to try it.
It had only minimal effect. Just a few months later the true cause of all my problems (fatigue, weight gain,
brain fog, zero libido, hair loss, dry skin, puffy face.....) was finally diagnosed and treatment began. I was
treated for 2 yrs with virtually no real relief. Then my thyroid was removed because of nodules. A yr and
a half later, still not feeling much improved.

This was starting to look completely hopeless until, quite by chance, I found a Dr that takes a much more
aggressive aproach to treating this devasting disease. I have been working with him for 6 months. In
time, I have lost almost 20 pounds, my energy has increased to a level I have not enjoyed for years, my
skin is more supple and healthy looking. The puffiness has gone out of my face. My mind is a lot clearer
I wish I could have found him 8 years ago!

A key component to this dramatic result is the type "O" diet (blood type "O") as well as T4, T3 and
cortizone which will be slowly reduced and eliminated.

Has anyone else experienced these therapies? Had these results? It seems that the "standard"
treatments leave most hypothyroid sufferers very little improved. Does it not seem that we have to
begin demanding more rigorous therapies? Why are poor results acceptable to most doctors?

Now that I am feeling so much better, I have the energy to be angry about how completely my case was
botched. After reading through a bunch of the posts here, I see how many hypothyroid patients are
relegated to a life of misery and pain. Does it seem this way to anyone else? This condition makes it
very difficult to get mad and take the action needed. But I'm feeling better and I do not intend to just take
my new level of health and move on. I intend to push on this issue! I'm angry about what happened to
me (I lost my livelihood, my fit, trim body, friends drifted away, I lost my confidence, our finances are in a
shambles.....) and I'm angry about what I see happens to so many others.

I'd like to hear what others have to say.


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