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Re: Hyperthyroidism and Pregnancy!!! Help me please!

Re: Hyperthyroidism and Pregnancy!!! Help me please!

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Posted by Aileen on October 14, 2000 at 10:20:39:

In Reply to: Re: Hyperthyroidism and Pregnancy!!! Help me please! posted by Lynne W on August 24, 2000 at 21:07:51:

Hello all,I have just been diagnosed with thyroiditis with intermittent hyperthyroidism which means I flucuate from hyper to normal to hypo. I have been trying to get pregnant for a year now following a miscariage. We are hoping that the thyroid is the main reason I have not been getting pregnant. I am also 36 years old. My options given to me were to go on hyper meds and be closely monitered while pregnant or to have thyroid surgercally removed. I also have the options for radiation which they recommend if you are in your twenties,but then I would have to wait a year to become pregnant which I have opted not to do. What do you guys think??? Also do you know if you could check thyroid level on a daily basis like for blood sugar levels or do you have to go have blood work done each time? I keep going back and forth -never had surgery except for a D/C, but then will I worry on a daily basis if my baby is being affected by the medication??: : : : : : If you have hyperthyroidism can you still be bear a child??? I've been trying to have a baby for 5 months now and it doesnt happen. I'm thinking its because i have hyperthyroidism. I'm hopeless already!!!! Do women with hyperthyroid still have babies??? Please enlgihten me! thanks!
: : : : : Dear Teresa,
: : : : : So glad you wrote. There aren't many "hypers" on the boards. First, I will tell you that I am sitting here with a goiter, hyperthyroid, low TSH AND 7 weeks pregnant! So I guess it is possible. I had a miscarriage last year-thats when my thyroid problem was actually discovered. I only get hyper AFTER I become pregnant, so our situations are a little different, but I hope you keep in touch. Are you currently on any antithyroid medication? What is your TSH level lately? A good reproductive endocrinologist can help you with all this. When you do get preg., they will have to monitor your meds very carefully. Too much is bad for the fetus, too little is worse. I'm not on PTU yet, but will probably be taking it any day now. Five months of trying is actually not very long, but I would definitely get the thyroid situation under control before conception, as there aren't many treatment options after that sperm hits the egg. Hope to hear from you soon and all goes well for you. And just for encouragement sake, I am 36, underweight (as most hypers are), hyperthyroid, and my embryo is big, healthy and has a strong heartbeat so far. Hang in there. Jo

: : : : Thank you jo for the letter. I appreciate it! Thanks! Yes, our situation is different. I'm 22 years old and i ws diagnosed with hyper when i was 14. in the beginning iwas taking anti-thyroid drugs until i took the ratio active iodine in 1997. it's like a radiation drug which stops the hyperthyroidism. after that, i was just taking a beta-bloker (inderal) drug. I am so worried about not being able to get pregnant. Did you really develop hyper ofter the pregnancy or you probaby just didnt know it? I wish I could get pregnant in the future.(i will just keep trying) Keep in touch too, and keep me updated with your pregnancy! Good Luck and God Bless you and your child! You're Lucky!

: : : Teresa,
: : : do you know what your TSH level is right now? It's possible that you have become hypo and that's why you can't concieve, although 5 months is not that long to try. Just make sure your levels are good. Some doctors say keeping it close to between 1 and 2 is optimal or around there anyway. Other doctors say as long as it's in the normal range. I would say as long as you're feeling good you're ok. Also, keep checking your levels after getting pregnant as they can fluctuate during pregnancy.
: : : Good luck. I'm trying to concieve to, so maybe we'll both get lucky soon
: : : Lynne W

: : Hello Lynne! Thanks for writing. I dont think I'm hypo already. I had my tsh level measured months ago and it was pretty much on the high side, im still hyper. i still have palpitations and all. are you hyper??? Do you think hypos cant concieve? How long have you been trying to make a baby? Goodluck to you too, I wish you all the best! Just keep trying.

: Teresa,
: if you're hyper, it can prevent you from conceiving or cause a miscarriage. if you are hypo, it can also keep you from concieving. anything above 5 I think is considered hypo. It's best to get your thyroid in order and then try. Alot of women have concieved the first month of trying after they've fixed their thyroid. I've been trying a couple years, but I also have a high FSH and am not responding to meds properly.
: Best of luck
: Lynne W

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