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Re: hypothyroid questions

Re: hypothyroid questions

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Posted by Christine M. on October 19, 2000 at 17:43:33:

In Reply to: hypothyroid questions posted by Gails on October 18, 2000 at 23:29:03:

: First I want to say how excited I was to find this board. I know very little about this subject so I usually try to forget that I even have it.
: I was diagnosed sometime during the summer. I am now on medication and have been told the level is okay.
: Some of my questions are:
: Should I be seeing an endocronologist (sp?) or is my regular dr. okay? Actually, I see an ARNP.

: How often should I be rechecked?

: Once the correct level of medication has been determined, can it change?

: I also suffer from major depression. How can I tell if my depressed times are from the depression or from low thyroid? Or can I tell?

: I have gained a LOT of weight. I thought I would be able to lose it once I got on meds. Why can't I?
: I am also bulimic so being able to lose some weight would be very helpful.

: I know this is long. Thanks to all who stuck with it. I will post again and possibly with more questions. There seems to be a wealth of knowlege here.
: Gail

First off, I have only been on this message board for a few weeks so how much help I will be???, I started out in the depression board and through the help with them I found my way here. I have had hypothyroidism for the last 10 years, I was diagnosed after my first child was born. I was 21 years old. I have been on synthyroid for the entire 10 years, at different levels. What I have been told is that you need to get your blood work, TSH and T4 done every 3 months or so. It has alot to do with any insurance you may have as well. My symptoms have ranged from very mild to severe being on the same dose. I also suffer from depression and I am beginning to believe it has more to do with my thyroid function and med than anything else. I have been on a couple different anti-depressants with no luck. As far as I can see , as long as your regular dr in understanding and will work with you, stay with them. I have had problems with mine and am considering an endocrine specialist. As far as the weight, I have battled it since I was hit with this, SORRY! I have been up and down on the chart but find losing impossible unless I work out for 2 hours a day and only taking in 1200 calories a day. It comes on really fast as well. At this point I am just trying to maintain, yours will level out when your meds even out.might want to try taking your temp.everyday to see how you are doing. Typically, your temp will run under 98.6 if your levels are off. Be aware of how you are feeling, maybe keep a journal to see how and when it changes. Just a few suggestions, good luck. Christine M

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