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Re: hypothyroid questions

Re: hypothyroid questions

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Posted by Paula on October 20, 2000 at 02:10:24:

In Reply to: hypothyroid questions posted by Gails on October 18, 2000 at 23:29:03:

: First I want to say how excited I was to find this board. I know very little about this subject so I usually try to forget that I even have it.
: I was diagnosed sometime during the summer. I am now on medication and have been told the level is okay.
: Some of my questions are:
: Should I be seeing an endocronologist (sp?) or is my regular dr. okay? Actually, I see an ARNP.

: How often should I be rechecked?

: Once the correct level of medication has been determined, can it change?

: I also suffer from major depression. How can I tell if my depressed times are from the depression or from low thyroid? Or can I tell?

: I have gained a LOT of weight. I thought I would be able to lose it once I got on meds. Why can't I?
: I am also bulimic so being able to lose some weight would be very helpful.

: I know this is long. Thanks to all who stuck with it. I will post again and possibly with more questions. There seems to be a wealth of knowlege here.
: Gail


I was diagnosed hypothyroid 4 years ago after suffering with symptoms for close to 5 years. I responded very poorly once I started taking synthroid. The extreme fatigue, the weight gain, the brain fog and an entire host of other symptoms only got worse. Even after it was determined that I had nodules on my thyroid and it was removed (2 years ago) I only felt slightly better after the surgery. I started to do some research. I found a website that gave me the clearest understanding about why I failed to respond, why I failed to return to a normal weight.

What I found was that the adrenal gland is an important component in the metabolic process. There can be plenty of T4 in the bloodstream but little or none is being taken up and utilized in the metabolic processes. I found that adrenal function needs to be measured as well as thyroid function. If the adrenal is not functioning the doctor may want to prescribe cortisone along with the T4 (or synthroid or levothyroxine.) My own Dr did not recommend anything like that. At the same time my sister found a Dr who was recommending these treatments for her fatigue and weight problems. I decided to start going to this Dr.

That was in March of this year. In the 7 months since I started seeing him my life has dramatically turned around. I have lost about 20 pounds, I have more energy then I have had in years and at long last my brain seems to be working again. He has had me not only on cortisone (which he wants to ween me off of in the next few months, once the adrenal gland is working properly) but he has me on a diet for the O blood type. This diet eliminates wheat, rice, potatoes and corn. It is rich in animal protein. I feel the cortisone would not have worked so well for me had I not also adhered to this diet. If you do not have a Dr that recommends such a diet, find a book about it and follow it on your own. Books on this diet can be found on There is also a website, I'll look up the URL.

I feel that many Drs under treat this very serious disease. We get "pooh-poohed", told we are depressed and are generally written off as pretty much a hopeless case. You can feel dramatically better AND lose that weight. Don't accept minimal results.

The website I found is: Check it out, I feel that it covers more ground than most of the info sites I have seen. Hypothyroid is a deadly disease, if left untreated or under treated it can shorten your life, and the life you have will be terribly compromised.

Sorry this is such a long responce, but I know that one can wonder around for years getting no real relief. I wish I had found these treatments 8 years ago.

Hope this helps- Paula

I feel that I have gotten a second chance and I will try to encourage others to not accept anything less than they have to in restoring their health.

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