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Tina:Re: Tina - Help

Tina:Re: Tina - Help

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Posted by GailD. on October 26, 2000 at 12:29:33:

In Reply to: Tina - Help posted by Deb on October 18, 2000 at 17:24:34:

I am not surprised at the condescending attitude of your dr. I cannot tell you about the children aspect of the fatigue which is to be considered, but don't let them talk down to you. Become militant, ask questions, print out this board, read Mary Shomon's book (I am not advertising). I gave info to my doc. and told her, my lab values may be Normal to you, but not to me. Humor me and get that TSH down to 1-2 at the maximum. She is a younger woman and seemed ok with what I asked her. It is ridiculous that we have to "worry" about annoying their intelligence when we feel sick! Hope even one doctor is reading our message boards, we are not stupid, many of us have as much education as they do and we will not be talked down to.
Insist on multiple TSH's T3/t4 tests, a switch to at least Thyrolar, maybe you too just need a boost of a little T3 in your regimen, NOT just the Synthroid tired old song of T4 T4 T4.
Hope this helped.
TReefrog, can we help Tina you are so knowledgeable.........
GailD.: Tina,

: Went to the second Dr. and was told the same thing. Your fatigue is not from your thyroid. They look
: at my levels and say that I am fine. And then they have the nerve to tell me that all I need is a vacation from
: my kids. Well my son maybe (age 7 yrs) but not my daughter (7 months). I am starting to go to bed at 8:30
: because I have a very hard time getting up by 6:00 am. Have you heard of other people requiring a large amount
: sleep this long after a child is born, when the baby is sleeping through the night? I don't think I have the strength
: to face another Dr. I have been "working out" 3-4 day's a week, which I was told would help me, but I think it
: is making things worse. Do you know of anything OTC that I could check in to taking to give me more energy?

: Deb :-(

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