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Hello TF

Hello TF

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Posted by abdulrahman on November 04, 2000 at 01:13:23:

In Reply to: To abdulrahman posted by Tree Frog on November 03, 2000 at 07:22:30:

Dear "Tree Frog",

I also realize that that you are spending your time and mental energy to help others, to the best of your abilities.Thats a good thing.

Now, allow me to correct a few statements. First point; I do not have Hypo or Hyper Thyroidism, thank god. I only treat others. Second point: you state that " Diet alone cannot fix Thyroid problems". I am afraid that that is a non-scientific statement and approach. The correct, scientific approach would be for you( tree frog)to first try natural diet/herbal treatments for thyroid problems, and then base your conclusions upon your personal experience, as a minimum.

About the thyroid gland, if the thyroid gland is removed surgically, then you are correct, there is no hope for the body to produce thyroid hormones by itself, and medical supplementation with hormones is the only solution. In cases where the thyroid gland is still in the human body, then the potential for improving its function is always there, since the human body is self-repairing, as long as the correct building blocks are supplied.

About the health risks, I agree, but there is a risk in all Thyroid treatments. In addition, please remember that I am addressing adults, who are responsible for their own decisions.

About your idea of the bacterial/ viral infection, yes, I agree, that is always a possibility in human glands, whether it is the thyroid or some other gland. However, from my study of the literature, such cases are infrequent.
In my friend's specific case( the 48 year old Sudanese male), the doctor had pulled a sample of his thyroid(since he had goiter), to test for cancer. The results were negative in terms of cancer and microbiology.

Good Luck to all.

: Hi,
: I am sure you just want to help, but telling us how to cure thyroid problems when your own is not cured, does not help.

: People that post here have either disease or deficiencies of thyroid. If one cannot produce insulin, one has to supplement insulin. It is the same for thyroid.

: Diet alone does not fix thyroid problems.
: Supplements of other than thyroid will not replace needed thyroid for one that cannot produce enough to be well.

: It is normal for thyroid levels to fluctuate, as a healthy thyroid will produce what is needed to balance whatever is going on in the body.
: Your friend may have had a virus or bacteria attacking her thyroid, causing it to spill out too much for awhile, and then got well, so the thyroid went back to normal. That does happen.
: I seriously doubt the diet made it happen.

: To come on the board and tell vulnerable people with sick thyroids that they don't need the medicines they just need to change their diets is incorrect, and potentially extremely harmful, if they listened to you and quit their meds.

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