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Re: hypothyroidism and lithium

Re: hypothyroidism and lithium

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Posted by debbie vetter on November 14, 2000 at 04:06:43:

In Reply to: Re: hypothyroidism and lithium posted by Tina on August 11, 2000 at 16:03:05:

: : Has anyone developed hypothyroidism while taking lithium (for bi-polar)? I've been on lithium for eight years. I have an enlarged thyroid with nodules and hypothyroid symptoms. My TSH levels are within normal range and so are my thyroid antibodies. I can't find anything on the Net that fits my case. All that is said is that a small percentage can get an enalrged thyroid and elevated TSH levels while on lithium. Because my case is differen,t It appears to me that I may have Hashimoto's disease since I do have several autoimmune diseases. Further, it states that you may have normal thyroid antibodies but about 20 percent of the people may have Hashimoto's thyroid. Comments please. Yes, I have an endocrinologist but her answers are not clear to me. Thank you. Joanne W. [email protected]

: Hi Joanne,

: What I found, in Mary Shomons book, says "Lithium is known to actually create hypothyroidism by blocking secreation of T4 and T3. People taking lithium should be monitored periodically for thyroid changes."
: It would help to know what your actual TSH level is.

: This is from Mary's newsletter this month, in case you don't receive it. If you go to the linkand read the full article it will provide another link for an autoimmune test.


: When we have one autoimmune disease, i.e., Hashimoto's or Graves'
: Disease, we're at risk for other diseases to develop, such as lupus, or
: rheumatoid arthritis or Sjogren's Syndrome, among others. Find out more
: about autoimmune conditions, and whether symptoms such as fatigue,
: weight changes, and depression are pointing to an undiagnosed autoimmune
: condition, in my new article.

: Sorry, I'm not an expert but I hope this helps. Tina

I have been on Esklith Cr for a year now and had a major weight gain i have always been about 50 lbs overweight but now I have put on an extra 120 lbs in just that year and my war realy tired all the time and being bi-polar with rapid cyclyes i'm realy screwed up my hair was falling out my feet and elbows are always dry and i kept complaining to my docotor finally i was in the hospital with my bi-polar and my docotor had them monitor my food intake and see a dietician a pshyciatrist told me that you cant realy go by blood test because the lithium would give false readings i look it up in my pill book by bantam books what it does increased blood levels of thyroid stimulating hormone it also can reduce thyroid activity but to remind you i'm not a doctor but this is my interpertation and i finally went to a endoconogolist and he put me on Cytomel

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