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Re: Hi Gail

Re: Hi Gail

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Posted by GailD. on November 16, 2000 at 21:15:08:

In Reply to: Hi Gail posted by TF on November 03, 2000 at 03:44:46:

Hi TF:
Hope you enjoyed that wedding besides the loss of 6 lbs.! very good news indeed!
What I feel is a pounding in my chest, even when I sit quiet, lie down, all day. I called my endo. and asked
her to re-do the TSH and I redo that Dec. 1 week.
She said we may have to "tweak" it too, (same words, must be doctor speak..ha!) and
I'll see what she says. I do NOT like this constant pounding in my chest.
Lousy as I felt before, I never had pounding, but of course, I was so sluggish I could sleep
in 2-3 min. sitting in a chair. I went to the mall with a friend/she got on line to pay/I sat in a big
comfy chair and fell fast asleep. She was gone maybe 2-3 mins. I told her I was sleepy,
that's how fatigued this thyroid gets me.
Also, I have the complication of being a Type 2 diabetic, but my HbA1c was in a good number,
so she cut down on one of my diabetes pills too. At least a doctor willing to "try" to make
me feel better!
I do so enjoy this board. I could not believe I weighed in on Tues. and lost 4 lbs. that was
a lot. My friend whom I met on Wed. is on Armour and she lost 20 since Sept. Keep
losing I say! I could lose a whole person in "fat"and still not be thin thin thin, but ea. pound I lose
lowers my glucose, yeah. My thallium st. test was perfect. I got a copy of the report. What
I tell people, get copies of your reports, question everything. Cut back on carbs.
Do hope this pounding heaviness passes, it's been 3 weeks today on Armour. What
do you think?
Wonder how the colder weather will affect someone on Armour.
: Hi Gail,
: Maybe you are not used to your body moving in there. ha!
: Man, mine was so sluggish I could not make myself move, last year.
: When my TSH was at 4 I was incapacitated, from pain and fibromyalgia symptoms. I was almost suicidal, I was so depressed, and docs said my thyroid level was normal. In three months of taking thyroid repalcement, I was almost back to normal, tho the meds had to be tweaked. till in that process.

: I am not nearly so bugged now.
: I am so relieved!
: I had the appt. with the endocrinologist this morning, checking on my thyroid and symptoms, most of which are gone by now. I was afraid she would lower my med, since my TSH has gone down to .30
: She did not lower it at all, but has replaced some T4 with T3 as that elevates the mood (mine is dark), and should help break up the mental fog.

: She said that the TSH is not important, but symptoms are, and as long as I don't have heart palpitations or am unable to sleep, that I am not taking too much med. Isn't that remarkable to have a doctor say the latest thyroid information???
: We are trying a low dose of T3 right now, and will increase it in six
: weeks, if there is not enough improvement to suit me.
: I am very pleased.
: Most people do not get this degree of care from an endo, as I know from the thyroid message board.
: Praise God, and thank Him!
: What a relief.
: I had thought I had quit losing weight, and my scales must be useless, because the weigh in at the docs was conclusive: I lost 6 pounds within the last three weeks, since my brother's wedding, where I saw myself on the video!

: I think the weight came off the front of me, as it is easier to sit! Does that reveal anything to you about me? haha : )

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