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Re: TMJ Symptoms

Re: TMJ Symptoms

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Posted by Lisa on September 30, 1999 at 23:15:33:

In Reply to: Re: TMJ Symptoms posted by Marisa on August 17, 1999 at 10:56:52:

: : Hey all...I've been confused about the systems of TMJ.
: : I had allot of symptoms, I didn't know what was causing them. I've been to specialist after specialist and none of them could figure out why I was having migraine headaches and all the other symptoms.
: : I ran across this on the internet today and I have almost all of the symptoms.
: : I thought I would share my find with you.

: : Symptoms of Athlete's Jaw Disorder
: : If you experience one or more of the following symptoms,
: : you may have JTM.

: : EYES
: : Sensitivity to light
: : Pulsating pain behind eyes
: : Bloodshot eyes
: :
: : Discomfort when chewing
: : Discomfort when at rest
: : Pain when opening mouth
: : Clicking or popping when opening mouth
: : Limited opening of mouth
: : Jaw jumps or deviates to one side when opened
: : Jaw locks in open position when eating, yelling, or yawning
: : Teeth do not seem to fit together properly; canít locate "bite"
: : Unconscious grinding of teeth, especially during times of anxiety or when asleep
: : Tender, sore or loose teeth
: :
: : HEAD
: : Radiating Headache pain from forehead to eyebrow area
: : Pain and pressures similar to sinus problems
: : Ache in temple area - above and in front of ear
: : Hair or scalp painful to touch
: : Radiating pain in back of head "Migraine" type headaches
: :
: : EARS
: : Decrease in hearing capacity
: : Earache but no infection
: : Constantly clogged or itching ear with no infection or foreign body present
: : Dizziness or vertigo; ringing, hissing or buzzing sound

: : Sore throat but no infection
: : Sore, tired, and stiff neck muscles
: : Pain and numbness in arms and fingers
: : Frequent shoulder and neck pain
: : Recurring stiff-neck pain
: : MOTOR FUNCTIONSImpaired speech
: : Nausea Impaired sense of balance

: I found this to be very interesting. I am 23 years old and have constant ringing in my ears (tinnutis) and clogging in them as well. I have never been exposed to super loud noises and do not have hearing loss. However, I have gone to doctor after doctor and have been told that there is nothing wrong with my ears and I must live with these symptoms. As I read the list you posted, I realized that many of the symptoms were also ones I have experienced. Is there a cure/relief to TMJ? If so, please share it with me! I am desperate for any type of relief!

Yes.....there is a cure for TMJ. Although one of the cures is surgery. Depending on how bad it is some can be relieved with medication. I have a jaw disorder also and have to take the surgery option. Alot of times TMJ happens because your jawline is off by so many degrees as in my case and the oral surgeon will make an incision, move my jaw back to where its supposed to be and my jaw will then be wired for 6 weeks for healing. But even with your jaw wired shut you can still open it part way in case you needed to, in such cases as sneezing, etc. You can also eat very soft liquified foods. Depending on your case depends on which option is best for you. But there is a cure. Go back on the internet and search for cures for TMJ, I'm sure you'll find more info.

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