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Re: Treatment is soooooo expensive

Re: Treatment is soooooo expensive

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Posted by Sue on December 03, 1999 at 16:43:17:

In Reply to: Treatment is soooooo expensive posted by Brandy on October 19, 1999 at 09:34:10:

: I have a rather severe case of TMJ. I have met some others who have been fitted with "TMJ plates" for sleeping.
: This, however, is not an option for me. Unfortunately, I have been told that my TMJ is being caused by orthodontic problems.
: I was told that I will have to have the orthodontic work completed before we can consider fitting a TMJ plate for sleeping. My dentist said that forcing my
: jaw into place at night will cause futher irritation and pain in my case. Apparently, I have a very small mouth (according to my dentist). He says that my mouth is narrow - like a child.
: There are too many teeth in such a small space and it is pushing my jaw more and more with each passing day.

: I first starting to notice symptoms about 5 or 6 years ago but had no idea they were TMJ related.
: Now, at 26 I am being told that I must have several teeth pulled (7) and wear braces for approximately three years before the TMJ itself can be treated.
: The dentist seems to think my orthodontic treatments will greatly reduce my symptoms over time. Has anyone heard of this or experienced this?

: These days, I feel as though I am in constant pain. My kneck and shoulders pain is so constant that I hardly notice it until someone touches me there. My ears seem clogged all of the time and
: the only way to relieve it is to do one of those "fake yawns". The problem with that is the need to hold my jaw closed so it won't lock. In the past, the pain has been confined to my kneck and shoulders, ears, eyes, head and of course, my jaw.
: However, it seems as if more recently when my jaw has been expecially irritated by something I've eaten or some way that I have held my head, the pain is a constant throbbing all over my face.

: I take some sort of ibuprophen at the first sign of pain or discomfort, which usually works but I don't like popping pills on a regular basis.

: I know of ways to avoid the worst of the pain (not chewing gum, cutting up all of my food, i.e., sandwiches, pizza), avoiding such things as bagels, gum, soft pretzels....
: What a horrible inconvenience. I can't even prop my chin on my hands to watch television on the floor with my son.

: The treatments being suggested to me are extemely expensive and completely unaffordable to me. Any suggestions out there?
: Anything at all would be greatly appreciated.
I have found that sports mouth guards that they sell in sporting goods shope for contact sports can help. You fit them by placing them in boiling water and trimming them to fit your mouth. They really help with grinding at night. Maybe some orthodontist will accept a payment plan for you to have treatment. It is really unfortunate that this is not covered by medical insurance.

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