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ReSam-----: Esthetics

ReSam-----: Esthetics

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Posted by painperson on December 28, 1999 at 15:19:38:

In Reply to: Re: Esthetics posted by Sam on December 28, 1999 at 14:39:34:

: : I dont think I have TMJ, but I have a jaw-related problem and I dont know where else to ask. I am a male, almost 18, and my teeth are strait and healthy, but as I have grown older my jaws have grown very uneven. They are only slightly missaligned but one side has grown much more than the other, giving my face an uneven appearance. I guess at my age these things matter more, but this has made my face esthetically unpleasant, and has brought me much depression. I have lost much physical self-confidence, and I have been constantly feeling self-concious. here are several questions that I would be grateful if could be answered.
: :
: : 1.) When does the male face stop growing? I am about 18, and my wisdom teeth have grown (into the proper positions) on one side and have not fuly come in on the other side yet. could my jaws be still growing? Could my face still "even out?"

: : 2.) If my face is to remain in its current asymetrical state, is there any way to fix it?

: : Again, I am sorry to bring an issue which seems unrelated to TJM, but I believe that your advice would bring me piece of mind.
: : thank you

: : Cyeguy
: Hi, This type of problem could be corrected by an oral surgeon by orthagnathic surgery. All surgery has risks and should be seriously considered. There are message boards for orthagnathic surgery although I don't remember the exact address. I had surgery to advance my lowere jaw but I developed a TMJ problem (lost the discs) have permanent numbness and 2 of my teeth became nerve dead. I am sorry I did it but some people have no problems.

oh sam i am so sorry the surgery caused you problems, you must go to and join the steve's and lindsey tmjd message board for free and tell people your story.--we all have tmjd there and offer a great deal of support and tell people about problems with surgery and some won't believe it. but you telling them yourself about orthagnathic surgery might help. there are doctors also on this tmjd message board yu can ask questions to. i have both discs dislocated in my tm joints and they wanted to break my jaw and move it forward and fix my overbite and do open joint surgery---way to risky for me. what may i ask do you do now for your tmjd? i live on meds that help how about yourself? wishing you painfree days.

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