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Re: Surgery-what do I do?

Re: Surgery-what do I do?

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Posted by Misha on January 17, 2000 at 18:47:08:

In Reply to: Surgery-what do I do? posted by Lisa on January 10, 2000 at 14:44:23:

Dear Lisa !!!

I just read your post and actually was quite shocked that alot of people in this world deal with TMJ I for one also am a sufferer do to a MVA in 94 I was diagnosed with TMJ 3 months after the car accident and noone had done anything about it !! As years went by I suffered and still am suffering to this day with this problem . I one day went to the dentist with a toothache and once I seen my dentist he told me there was absolutely nothing wrong with my tooth .But he noticed I could'nt open my mouth or keep my mouth open for a period of time .He asked if I had this problem and I explained my situation to him and he was appaled that noone in the medical heard my cry out for help and the pain that I went through . Then he found me a Guardian Angel that I kiss the ground this man walks on ...a surgeon that took me under his wing and is till working with me .. I had 2 surgeries done on my jaw . I also was horrified but as long as you feel good about who's hands your in and trust your doctor don't fear a thing . I had it done along the side of my ear ..I have pictures of before and after shots I have absolutely no visual scars . They way I was cut with my long hair you can;t even see it !!I was cut from my temle all the way down the side of my ear to the bottom . Youd never know I even had it done !! SO if you have it done GOOD LUCK !!!!! Hope this helps a little and takes your fear away !!! Email me if want more info !!

Misha :o)

I am 33 years old and have had problems with my jaw for 19 years but was diagnosed with TMJ about 7 years ago.
: I cannot fully open my mouth intially but have learned to move my jaw around which I guess moves the
: disc back in place and allows me to open my mouth fully. I have been fitted for night guards/splints
: several times but it doesn't seem to help-actually, it hurts me more-my jaw feels tighter.
: I guess I have learned to live with this-I have headaches more when I am under stress, so I know when it's
: TMJ related, and it always feel inflammed.

: Within the last year, when I went to the dentist-which is always a struggle since
: I have to keep my mouth open for long periods of time, he told me it would only get worse if I let it go so I went to an oral & maxillofacial surgeon. He recommended
: surgery and a procedure that would cut near my ear. I went for a second opinion and this doctor also told me surgery but he would perform the surgery a different way-he would
: go through my mouth instead of cutting-then wire my mouth closed for about three weeks.

: I'm starting to get scared. Has anyone had good outcomes with surgery? Can it only get worse?

: Thanks for any responses!

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