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Re: am I crazy ???

Re: am I crazy ???

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Posted by barb on January 30, 2000 at 00:57:22:

In Reply to: am I crazy ??? posted by K- on November 19, 1999 at 17:54:00:

: My symptoms include: tingling fingers and hands escpecially in the morning when i just wake up .tired tmj, sore tmj also ringing in ears and fullness in ears swollen facial muscles and neck muscles just on right side I can crack my jaw like cracking knuckles and I clench my teeth at night and sometimes during the day unnoticed.Ive also had a feeling of something like a lump in my throat.
: Ive been treated for the lump feeling with Prevacid for reflux disease although never confirmed I had this I did do a barium swallow with inconclusive results . Ive been told by my doctor the tingling hands and the arm and shoulder ache as well as my pec muscles is from a bulging disc. Im confused my dentist thinks I have tmj diorder but have not officially seen him for that. I start physical therapy for my suposed bulging disc in a couple of days . Im very depressed I am tired of feeling crappy all the time and wondering if I am dying from some bizarre disease . Iam under alot of pressure now with school and work and my first baby on the way Im a fairly young man (29) but feel 70 I dont know whatr to do . I feel my doctor does not treat my sympoms as a whole but treats each indidoal symptom on its own i.e reflux disease . Anybody have any advice I dont have dental insurance but I do have medical so If I go to tghe dentist this will be a huge financial burden on us.

: K-
: Hi, sounds like you could have two problems! Sorry to say this..The tingling in your arm, sounds more like a cervical disc problem, like your doctor states. Go to physical therapy, if thats what he recommends. The facial problems sound like TMJ. You need to see a specialist in TMJ or a tmj surgeon, who also specializes in splint therapy, and will give you medication to help you deal with this problem (pain). Don't wait to long to get treated; Sounds like you need treatment now. I recommend getting some kind of insurance with tmj coverage first. Most only give you $1250.00 of coverage per year. Get an MRI of TMJ joint first, before seeing a specialist, and then this will probably be covered by insurance before you get a tmj diagnosis. Try to have MD diagnose it as myofacial discomfort or fibromyalgia and it might get covered completely. Insurance is crazy. Believe me; I've gone through hell related to surgery. With the $1250.00 coverage have a doctor make you a splint (top) to reposition joint into normal position if possible. Check with several specialists to find out who will give you the best price. My original specialist charged me $1000.00 for the 1st splint to me made, and everytime you go to have it adjusted it costs money too!!!!!!! Negotiate a price! I was able to talk this doctor in decreasing the cost on the extra visits. Later I did find out that this guy way overcharges for his services..I Found this out by some lawyers of patients I was taking care of. My doctor that I now see, is charging $300.00 for a bottom splint, that normally costs $650.00, cause I am paying cash possibly (insurance won't cover me to see him, cause he's not on the plan--which is bull shit (sorry)!!!!!! Guess I'm just telling you to call lots of places, to check on cost. Beware of so called TMJ specialists who went to a class to get there specialty.. I recommend a good surgeon; There trained well. Good luck!!!!!!!!!

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